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  1. The Picard S3 plot line that could have been.

  2. The anti-Mon Mothma stuff I see is genuinely weird and frankly smacks of gender.

  3. Keurigs are a relic of the old Republic. The Empire stopped subsidizing them, so they’ve become collectors’ items.

  4. This is why I’ve said I could maybe give it a pass if it was an in-general WWII collection of stuff.

  5. Here's all the stuff that my grandpa took off dead German soldiers,

  6. You laugh, but my great grandfather was Wehrmacht and when he died in the war my step great grandfather was US Army.

  7. I steal something and let them shoot first. Then I’m justified killing them all in self-defense.

  8. It also lists ALL constitution varinats together despite the connie, donnie and konnie being entirely different family trees. It really dosen't mean a thing.

  9. Seriously tho, you guys seen the minimum requirements for this game- a gtx 1060

  10. My opinion is that since the tie wings act as solar panels, the tie bomber needed big and powerful solar panels to function. I therefore don’t see it as a far stretch that Vader wanted that raw power output for the tie x1. We also kinda see this design philosophy for most Jedi especially Anakin in the clone wars. The delta 7 and the e-actis fighters rely heavily on speed and maneuverability. And even in the 2003 micro series we see Anakin strapped to big ass engines to his delta 7. So all in all I don’t think it’s a far stretch that Vader kept with his design philosophy of max power in his star fighter.

  11. I had forgotten about the roller skates that are a part of his arsenal.

  12. Why do so many people dickride this guy online? He seems like such a clown

  13. I recall attending a gun show once. At the front counter there's a check-in station where everyone showing up with a gun for sale has to have it checked, safed, and zip-tied so it can't operate. On the table was a clear plastic jug labeled "Bullets from guns that weren't loaded." it was pretty full.

  14. Say what you want about the NRA, they're really big on gun safety.

  15. This cannot be real, and I don't Twitter. Can someone confirm this isn't one of those fake tweets?

  16. Man, I have a memory like this. I got two dozen kills with a turbolaser on Sullust, while everyone on the other team tried to run through a single choke point.

  17. "A hyperspace anomaly, in this quadrant of the galaxy, on this hyperspace lane, located entirely on the bridge of this super star destroyer?"

  18. There are Roman bridges still in use today. Will anything in Florida still be in use 2000 years from now?

  19. At the rate the seas are rising, we won’t be using any of Florida in 2000 years.

  20. is it that obvious that ive watched kill la kill before? TvT

  21. I rather spend time chilling on a jet ski

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