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  1. Swiss Ramble is assuming that FSG is looking at a minority sale.

  2. I know nothing about finance but I do wonder one thing: What's stopping FSG from simply collecting that amount that you say would be invested into the club?

  3. FSG is really just making this fanbase hate them more and more; Lets hope they actually throw some financial muscle around this summer otherwise its going to be a bloodbath next season.

  4. If they can't deliver the required amount next summer then I wouldn't be surprised if Klopp decided to pack the bags and leave. I wouldn't blame him.

  5. Their plan is to give more people guns so they can protect themselves against gun violence

  6. Like taking a loan to pay off an existing loan

  7. This is from a second amendment rally in AZ that occured yesterday.

  8. Is he one of them LGBTQ groomers republicans love to talk about? I guess not

  9. Why don't you die so we can save on the air you stop breathing


  11. The person with that question is republican Arkansas state senator Matt McKee

  12. I don't think he cared what gender she was. All he wanted was some dick.


  14. How is this a facepalm?

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