1. This is at the same level as "where was Obama during 9/11"

  2. Or, even better, if he's well enough for it, try to convince him to get a new pet!

  3. 🙄 you again nitpicking, trying to find something to be mad at? You sound like a Karen.

  4. She sounds like a Karen because she is a cry-baby Karen

  5. Can we work on teaching people what the first amendment actually protects ? My god a private business can regulate what you say on their platforms. That isn’t against freedom of speech..

  6. It's not even that. According to the poster, Apple is vioilating her 1st amendment right by them not advertising on twitter. It's absolutely insane.

  7. Thanks Musk. Now we have to deal with waves of covid/vaccine misinformation on twitter

  8. Daily reminder that jesus was a jew

  9. Nah mate he was a MAGA patriot /s

  10. Just saying, this man lives on Twitter He has over 100 tweets in the last hour

  11. I'm sure they did their "reesurch"

  12. "Today the weak on crime Garland announced a (very) special counsel to lead the investigation Hoax against your favorite president just as they did with their failed Russia Russia Russia "Hoax". Tonight I will announce my own special counsel against Joes and Hunters very criminal activity and his name is Jared kushner, the best middle east peace negotiator in History! I know alot about criminal acts and I'm a very stable genius, that's why I think my special counsel will win over your fake (very) special counsel!"

  13. Obviously this guy is a jackwagon, but what social media platform is this?

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