1. GURPS Infinite Worlds game which can do any setting and ive been using the AI Chat to plan the whole game. The setting is that in the year 1969, scientist Steven Van Zandt discovers inter- dimensional travel and by the year 2000 president Dwayne Johnson forms the first infinity patrol. I had the players make 4 low level characters each to play as the first recruits. They are recruited from different dimensions by Bill Nye who then puts them all thru an obstacle course and the PCs who make it to the end graduate to become the first infinity patrol. The first mission will be to capture the Gecko Brothers who are wanted criminals who traveled to the From Dusk Till Dawn dimension and it will play out like the movie except the PCs will be there and the Titty Twister will have an underground dungeon they have to escape.

  2. I mean you are just trying to advertise thirsty sword lesbians by making posts with it as the tag.

  3. No, that's just my normal user flair? Like, I love the game, and that's my usual go to when people are asking for game recs.

  4. Ooof, I am right there with you. Spamming pick up to try and find where they went in the grass

  5. We are all one in the eyes of God, so we are all toilets :3

  6. if you're not using VTM or Gurps- Thirsty Sword lesbians does fighting and drama and the like really well.

  7. Depends on the last name. Like, I had a buddy named Dave Fender, and Dave is pretty boring, but he sounds cool when you call him Fender.

  8. There should be a killer that can take on the appearance of one of the survivors and pretend to do gens and stuff in order to get close.

  9. in hunter, the PCs have a better chance of fighting back and beating the monsters. In CoC, you're not really supposed to go toe to toe with the monsters.

  10. I questioned my gender and realised that the only reason I'm male is because I was born male. If I was born female, I would remain like that and I don't think I'd feel any urge to transition. What I'm saying is that for me my gender is inherently tied to my physical body, and I don't actually care specifically to be male

  11. ...why should i? what benefit does questioning something i am not in doubt about bring?

  12. Not unfair at all! The dice are only there to help when there is a potential the situation would not succeed. If the player takes the time to do some well thought out roleplay, and the king isn't dead set against it, then why would you need to roll? You don't roll persuasion when you belly up to the bar and say "Barkeep, ale!" and you don't roll athletics to tie your shoe, why would you roll it if its done well?

  13. They're the ones saying that they're supreme, that's why "White Supremacy" is attacked as a concept.

  14. 50 years later: Post modern ninth wave enlightened Gender neocritical: what is a woman? Female featherless biped moment.

  15. That doesn't really answer the question, gotta say.

  16. Yeh, but AI art generators are horrible, using other peoples work to make free things. Just pay someone, if you need it that bad.

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