1. There were so many other words and images flooding my brain after reading OPs reply that’s all I could muster

  2. Yeah, don't. Unless the interviewer offers to get high during. This has happened once, and the company didn't last a year, so I guess it's a red flag.

  3. What kind of job did you apply for where the interviewer offers you to get high?

  4. I just meant general area (like if it was a place the UT campus or somewhere in the Centrum). I don't want an exact streetname, just a heads up (I currently live in Enschede)

  5. The fact I am wearing this exact shirt atm is beyond hilarious to me

  6. You have to be able to hear the laugh for it to be contagious. Like damn.

  7. I believe the mindset is regardless of them being guilty or not they have the right to be legally defended. Imagine being set up and not a single person is willing to defend you

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