1. Guy Jr.'s parents were soon to retire and would stop providing money to their son; he was to receive a $500,000 life insurance policy if both were dead or missing. The murder involved an elaborate plot to stab both parents, dismember and dissolve their remains.

  2. Holy Moly! This dude had some psychopathic issues in order to do that level of dismemberment.

  3. I live in Australia, how long ago was this and why haven't I heard if it? Unless there's another melbourne

  4. I immediately googled this because I was sure it was fake. Nope. As the company’s own statement says, it’s “really real.”


  6. It was actually built. Read a little more about it. You’re right though, it was an advertisement.

  7. Call me weird but I like how reality looks over the movie version.

  8. Gotta give some respect to Tom, he gets a lot of grief from haters.

  9. Genuine question, what’s interesting about this?

  10. so u just cough up an organ to get the ladies huh.. sweeeet...

  11. How are you supposed to discreetly get road head?

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