i found an abandoned bunny at a train stop! :( it's winter time and the bunny doesnt even have proper food or shelter. i wrapped the bun in my scrubs and an eco bag. not sure yet if the bunny is a boy or a girl and what breed or how old the bunny is

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  1. im so sorry for your loss🥺it sounds like you were an amazing bun parent who gave her the best life possible❤️

  2. I am a breast cancer oncologist who specializes in clinical trials with a specific focus in using repurposed drugs.

  3. NAD but seconding the clinical trials! I'm a clinical research coordinator at a very large cancer centre and I highly encourage you to look into clinical trials that you might be eligible for. There is a lot of monitoring and extra tests that are done in clinical trials that are not done typically in standard of care.

  4. im so sorry for your loss🥺 he looks like he had a happy life with you❤️

  5. im so sorry for your loss🥺 flapjack looked like he had a wonderful life with you❤️

  6. i'm so sorry for your loss🥺 Cricket looks like he had a great life with you❤️

  7. im so sorry for your loss😞 charles looked like he had a lovely life with you❤️

  8. im so sorry for your loss🥺she looks like she had a great life with you❤️

  9. im so sorry for your loss, binx sounded like he had an amazing life full of love and i bet he knew it❤️

  10. wow this looks great! definitely not like some guy just made it lol

  11. that is so incredibly lucky that you got off at that stop today and found her. im also from toronto and am absolutely disgusted that someone left her like that. thank you for taking her in and giving her love! best wishes to you, your bf, and new trio of buns❤️

  12. She needs a real bun friend, never keep one alone. They suffer a lot from loneliness and can‘t be happy alone :(

  13. personally I dont think this is necessarily true! my bun prefers to be the only animal in the house and was rehomed because she wouldnt get along with the other bunnies!

  14. Usually when people say that rabbits don’t get along with other rabbits, it’s when they shove them into the same cage without any prebonding or bonding in a neutral space. If bunnies of opposite sexes are properly bonded, they rarely don’t get along. Bunnies are social creatures.

  15. actually in my bun's case her previous owner couldnt get her to bond with the other buns and tried for a year before deciding Anna would be happier on her own. i believe they were free roam as well. my bun also attacks other animals so i think she is just very territorial even though she is spayed!

  16. Project manager in pharmaceutical clinical trials. Some of us make upwards of $200k+ once we get into senior roles.

  17. can I ask how many years experience in clinical research you have as a whole? im still at the site level with only a few years experience (oncology) and i cant wait till i get more experience and grow in this industry! i would love to know how you got to where you are and how long it took, if you dont mind me asking!

  18. A few years at site level is plenty to try to make the jump if you want some unsolicited advice. Try to get into monitoring and your salary will jump a lot though the travel can be a lot depending on company/assignment. I moved from monitoring to project management with no site experience (kind of got lucky tbh) but it took a few years.

  19. Thanks for your response!! I'm definitely keen on getting into a CRO/sponsor role so I'm kind of just applying to all opportunities 😅

  20. thank you so so much for saving them❤️i hope you both have a very happy life together

  21. As someone who loves BBQ and eats it pretty regularly the Polite Pig isn't good BBQ. We were really disappointed the first and only time we've went because it smelled heavenly but didn't really live up to the smell.

  22. my partner and I ate there last week and we were also disappointed. my mac and cheese had less than 10 noodles in the bowl, it was just cheese sauce and our brisket was very fatty. we ended up not finishing our food and not taking it home which is something we usually always do :( the staff were really nice though and I think if my mac and cheese had more noodles it would have been amazing.

  23. im so sorry for your loss🥺looks like she had a life full of love❤️

  24. im so sorry for your loss🥺she was clearly loved and knew it❤️

  25. im so sorry for your loss🥺she looked like she was loved and knew it❤️

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