1. Tradescantia zebrina, specifically

  2. One of the big chain pet shops around here used to say "rabbits have a life expectancy of 5-7 years" and, now I have more knowledge and experience, the memory of that sign freaking unsettles me.

  3. They told me c-section or episiotomy as he was almost there but just couldnt come out. I chose the latter.

  4. Looks great. Did you make it yourself or buy it?

  5. That is a look that says "And I'll do it again!"

  6. I forgot to record the series finale so now I never ever get to watch it or know what happened.

  7. Can someone please explain the origins of these cats with short legs? I have been a cat owner for many years, and the first time I saw a photo of a little kitten on the Internet ..... adorable but had these little short legs I thought it was some mutation and that it should not have been born that way and I felt so sorry for it!

  8. I think the breed originated from a cat who had essentially a form of dwarfism.

  9. Wow. Amd they continued to want them to look that way? These cats certainly couldn't jump and act like a normal cat, with regular sized legs. Sad really

  10. Yeah. Its all about the cuteness factor. Munchkins certainly look adorable but, yes, they have their limitations due to their short legs and health problems too.

  11. Thank you for letting me know about this magnificent statue. I have just added to my town. Wish we could have like 100 more.

  12. Monroe (old man bun at 11 y/o) is currently fighting off a runny nose. I've been to the vets and he's on more medication after our second vet visit. However the vet weighed him and the poor little guy has lost quite a bit of weight. This is despite me literally hand feeding him pea flakes and pellets as much as he wants (whilst fending off his very greedy sister).

  13. Wow that would have freaked me out too. But she's totally full of crap. Those statements were just vague enough to land with you. Its how scammera like that work.

  14. Lower case for god every time. Regardless of what my phone tries to dictate in predictive text.

  15. Currently playing Just Dance (gets out energy lol), Animal Crossing and Pokemon with my kiddo. Only game I will let us play for a longer period is Just Dance. I get exercise along woth spending special time with my kid. :)

  16. That rabbit is very much telling the dog to fluff off. I'd keep them separate.

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