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  1. If it helps, my mom just bought a Certified 2018 S90 T6 Inscription with 22k miles for $37k.

  2. Well well well, look who’s a jealous bitch…. It’s me. I’m the jealous bitch.

  3. I’m definitely gay, and have lived in Texas for most of my life, but…. Who’s on the flag??

  4. This guy parked in that Disabled spot in front of my work and started to take out a lot of trash from his car. No biggie, we thought he was going to pick it up, and he took quite his time to do that, even my coworker, my husband (who was waiting for me to end shift) and me saw that it was the same guy in the ex-con ID that he left on the ground. Well, he started his car, back up, and with my bad bad luck that he hit my husband's and my car. Both of our cars. And obviously he run away.

  5. Last I was in Copenhagen was September 2021, but Pluto for Dinner and Ruby for cocktails.

  6. I love how this is the third explanation and I still don't get it. And I even read the explanation to this but I'm still wondering what it's doing there.

  7. A PA piercing is a dick piercing that goes through the piss hole and out the bottom of the dick head. I think the joke is that PAs are more common amongst gays than straights. So if a straight person saw this ring hanging out of someone’s pants, they’d have no idea what it is. Hence the confusion.

  8. This happened to some guys at the gay bars a few months ago. I remember reading about it here. Apparently it’s like a whole operation.

  9. Thanks for your kindness. I guess I'm going to keep taking facials and enjoying a warm load on my face.

  10. It’s a journey, man. To overcome those deeply engrained thought processes that religion boxes you into. But it gets easier with every facial. Take my word for it!! ;)

  11. Looking into the specs, I would LOVE to drive this v70r, but only if it were a manual. I also think it’s an aesthetically beautiful car. If only Subaru had never stopped making hatchback wrxs.

  12. Since you’re the Subaru owner, and not the Volvo owner, we will forgive your grievous error… but just this once.

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