The treasure at the end of the rainbow. Gives the author 800 Coins to do with as they please.

  1. When you see this and realise you follow this guy on twitter 😅

  2. Why not both ( Spanish music start playing)

  3. I heard that many things like peeing on jellyfish stung or suck venom from snake bite are misconception and you shouldn't do that

  4. Darn, so the fact that my friend was sucking out the venom from my dick the other day doesn’t help? 😩😩 /s

  5. Cuz u haven’t been touched for a very long ass time and the only hint of male action u have is the two straight guys randomly joke about gay stuff with each others /s

  6. "I support you, but this explains your rank breath"

  7. Did they accidentally tell their mom, or did they accidentally suck dick?

  8. Ash Wednesday is over hun, time for pot of gold hunting /s

  9. I’d have to experience it for myself. Trust, but verify.

  10. When u wanna be touched so bad so u take it out on rando on the net /s

  11. I need more vids of dudes boning on the tube in my life.

  12. Have u tried ….I don’t know….. looking for bf instead of porn? /s

  13. And yet why are ur mouth open like that ? For that “corn🌽”?/s

  14. Did the set really end there or did you just wake up and choose violent homophobia today ? 🥺

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