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  1. You know what really fuggin bothers me still? That party city investor sub...

  2. Bots / ai / algorithms/ deep fakes... it's truly a nightmare in the making. I feel like we are already there and just don't realize it yet..

  3. I don't think we will hear anything positive from the company today, it would make no sense to sit on bullish news all week. If we get any update tonight it will probably be bearish going into next week, which would further our RegSho and push us closer to the big bang.

  4. lol how did I miss this? Now this is high fashioned FUD, from two weeks ago Wall Street Journal. Kenny is paying good money to WSJ

  5. This quote is as relevant as ever right now , with the bonds, Nordstrom, defaults , gift cards.

  6. "Spokesperson" could be ANYONE , a janitor from Harmon could be a spokesperson for BBBY.

  7. "Future acquisitions could require substantial additional capital in excess of cash from operations"

  8. Also to you buttercups that downvote anyone that mentions the possibility of bankruptcy, you need to get a grip. If you think bankruptcy is off the table then you haven’t been following a long, or you’re intentionally misleading others.

  9. Telling a sub full of people who are bullish on BBBY to expect bankruptcy is going to get you downvoted and called out for being a shill, main reason being that we've heard it all before, and secondly we are adults who simply don't give a fuck about his or her opinion on the matter , we've built our own thesis and are prepared to ride it to the moon or into the dirt. I don't think anyone is under the illusion this is %100 guarantee but if we wanted FUD we would go to gme_meltdown, or Google BBBY news. This is a safe space

  10. I’ve never said to expect bankruptcy, I just said it’s a real possibility because there’s people in this thread saying it’s off the table and it’s not. I’m actually positioned for an M/A so it wouldn’t make sense for me to expect bankruptcy. If I did I would be short the stock and buy puts.

  11. You're not wrong, but at this stage of the game there is no point fighting for rationale or expecting it out of people on the internet. Regardless, I would rather have insanely optimistic sentiment behind a meme craze then the opposite. Fomo is a huge part of what's kept the movement alive the last 6 months, now is no time to put on the brakes imo.

  12. Carl Icahn may have have more to gain financially from acquiring BBBY, short sellers have long preyed on Icahns holdings

  13. I think its quite interesting that the people in meltdown sub is collecting bearish shill quotes from this group, made from shills following meltdown sub. Wow

  14. Been through a lot of weird days with exciting price action the last 6 months, for some reason today feels different then the rest. I don't know about you all, but I've got an extremely weird sense that something is coming .

  15. Just a reminder to you all the OG holders this is it. ITS TIME TO FUCK!!!!!! MA!!!!!!!!’

  16. I wish you all well, saddens me to see so many struggling. Such a broken world

  17. Anyone here can pull up their last 10Q and see the cash, and how much less cash they had and more debt they had than the prior year. If you do the math, they are losing more than $100 million a month (actually more than that without enough inventory (lower sales and gross profit)) and subtract it from the recent 10Q balance sheet. Realize they have to have some cash to manage the business in bankruptcy and they already have maxed out their borrowings, to the point that they can't get inventory (hence the poor performance announced at beginning of month). So they have almost zero cash and are losing shitloads of cash. They need BK. BK experts have said they should have filed much earlier, as Sue has mismanaged this process and now risks Chapter 7. They simply have no options. Every media source is not a hedge fund conspirator (I am not either). Businesses do fail.

  18. Lmao go through this fools comments , 2 weeks ago he was pumping now he's got a full blown BK writeup. Shills be acting a fool

  19. Sadly I'm 95% confident an 8-K will announce the sale of assets prior to bankruptcy. There is 1.5 billion of debt against assets losing $100 million per month. No one is going to pay more than $500 million for it at this point. The debt is trading at 10% of face value which implies a value received of $150 million over senior debt. Also BK is only way to fix a company that has money losing stores as it allows asset buyer to cherry pick best stores and reject leases for bad stores. This maximizes value of proceeds to debt holders.

  20. Bruh this aged like milk, they paid their bonds for Feb. You are a regard and your 5000 puts will be worthless lmao

  21. Foreign bodies pulling money out of an obviously fraudulent system with zero integrity. Better off stuffing your money under your mattress at this point. This is a juge threat to the US hegemony . They are willing to threaten world reserve currency status for Ken griffin lmao

  22. GME and BBBY inverse mirror each others stock price today, then both lock up in AH. Nothing to see here 👀

  23. Good night 😴 guys its been a challenging day 🦧💙🦧

  24. Beyond the damage this is doing to retail financially, I imagine the complete lack of integrity in the market has burned / pissed off larger institutions or even foreign bodies as well. Why should anyone invest in the American markets when they are no better than the Chinese markets. This is like sitting down at a table to play blackjack and representatives of the casino sit down to play with you, you bust every time , they hit constant 21's and eveyone pretends like nothing is wrong.

  25. How in the hell you can have movement of shares without affecting price in any circumstance is mind blowing to me. Institutional trade or not, there is simply ZERO reason that a trade should not affect price discovery other than CHEATING the system. The fact in 2023 this exists, is public knowledge, actively robbing people, and nobody is doing a single thing about it is just absolutely astounding. Unbelievably disheartening .

  26. Like how both you commented exactly the same time, with same sentiment. Touchy

  27. RC told us if we’re patient enough we can buy our family and friends as much ice cream as we want

  28. Hilarious how they ran up the options to get people to sell and they are still fucked. So they drop your options down again hoping you sell. No matter what one thing is certain they are TERRIFIED for tomorrow. Look how hard they are trying to keep it under $5, I’m pretty sure millionaires will be born tomorrow the greatest time to be alive.

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