Big DD: Why BBBY defaulted on ABL credit with JPM

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Relating to BBBY Destroying Their Gift Cards

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  1. I’m going to bed so early tonight because I want tomorrow to come faster. Reminds me when I was kid and had something exciting about to happen the next day

  2. Bro I've been doing the same. Fuck the weekends!

  3. Would be awesome if it ran this week!!!


  5. Don't forget the taxes !

  6. So bullish. Squeeze for M&A or squeeze for bankruptcy. Can't lose bobbies!

  7. I'm sitting here with my 150 shares thinking "what the fuck can I sell to get more, ASAP?"

  8. Not trying to push in gambling or anything and NFA but options would give you more leverage, but please learn it if you decide to do it. If BK, we bust whether with shares or options. Im leaning more towards M&A at this point.

  9. Funny you say that cause I loaded my account with $250 today to do exactly that tomorrow. Had some Jan 20 calls that obvs expired but I’m thinking of buying a few with longer ex dates asap…. Just gotta figure out which ones!

  10. Best of luck for the both of us! If M&A I retire my whole family. If BK, I'll just continue to work and it'll set me back a couple of months. Risk Reward Ratio is good here.

  11. Yes and M&A means merger/acquisition

  12. Thanks, been afraid to ask some highly regarded questions

  13. You're good! I didn't know what BK meant either 😅


  15. Reinvest in GME, Bitcoin and wait another 2-3 years when housing market has bottomed. Then buy a home, quit my job, start my own company.

  16. I would quit my job first lol 😂

  17. We are getting a ton of media attention, they are scared, this could be the big play. Buy hodl, rinse and repeat, nfa. 💎👐

  18. Yep. It feels different this time 🤔

  19. I agree with all your points!

  20. Baby spins off, we get one share of Baby for every BBBY share we have

  21. They also did away with our donation giftcards that were specifically for donations to charities or charitable events and simplified the system to were we could just active a new store gift card for those type of transactions.

  22. You could def be 100% right. Thanks for sharing your experience! It's good to have these discussions because the anticipation is killing us.

  23. It's either really fucking good, or a lot of really quick inventory turnaround work on the cards because you can't redeem at Harmon's anymore.

  24. Yes Christmas Tree is still on there. I can't post the link but you can look at my post history. This is extremely bullish.

  25. It's obvious they are all bought by wall street. Same articles were written for GameStop.

  26. i wouldnt handle the stress, im perfectly fine with ATM LEAPs

  27. What's your strike and exp?

  28. Wish you the best. Mine are 3.5 strike and expire may and august. Wondering if that's too soon.

  29. BBBY is going to become WestPoint Home owned by Icahn Enterprises. WestPoint home has no brick and mortars and this would be an excellent acquisition. Stopping all gift card sales would make sense if they're rebranding and separating the two. Cohen is going to spin off BUY BUY BABY. They are both activist investors!

  30. So it’s still bankruptcy or M/A. Glad this whole gift card thing could clear up the direction BBBY is headed 😂

  31. But they paid their bonds...

  32. It's the shape of a teddy bear. The brand is mighty goods.

  33. Linens ‘n Things Stayed, Gift Cards Didn’t In 2008, Linen’s n Things (LNT) filed for bankruptcy protection. Although the company accepted gift cards throughout the proceedings, they also sold gift cards nearly up until the moment the doors closed for good. During restructuring, another company purchased the failing company’s name and website. Although from a consumer perspective, LNT appeared to up and running online, the new holding company refused to accept gift cards issued by the LNT store.

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