1. maybe this is a blessing in disguise

  2. let’s not blame the woman for marrying him, blame the man for being a person that nobody should marry.

  3. yeah, the westwood (los ángeles) location does 🧍‍♀️

  4. So far I’m scheduled to work tomorrow but I’m seeing my schedule for next week isn’t available on the app but it was a few days ago. I see the following weeks for September of my schedule though

  5. there’s an app to check your schedule ? what’s it called?

  6. ella, phoebe, maya, callie, shiloh

  7. update if anyone's curious - i worked as a cashier for 8 hrs and hated it . i struggled a lot and I'm paranoid they'll fire me now ughhh

  8. my first day is tomorrow. did it end up getting easier? how are things going now?

  9. LITERALLY. i need the link 👀🙏

  10. All the time. I ghosted a girl on tinder once and we ended up in the same class this semester. I felt so bad but I couldn’t bring myself to say anything. I might text her at some point since classes are cancelled. If she didn’t already block me

  11. this is THE AvPD Experience™️ oh my god.

  12. Sorry can someone explain to me what rolling 36s, rolling 48s etc is? How is that different than just 36 or 40?

  13. it’s probably no different than what you’re doing / plan on doing. “rolling” just means that after ending your 36 hour fast, you hop right into another one, as opposed to it being a one time thing. like okay i fasted for 36 hours, ate for two, and now i’m going to fast for another 36, eat for 2, repeat, repeat, repeat.

  14. Week 7 for me of rolling alternating 30-40 hours fasts for me, and still hasn’t gotten any easier. Wishing you a successful and easier journey ahead. Best of luck.

  15. oof i'm sorry to hear that :( do you consume any artificial sweeteners during your fasts? or are you just sticking to plain water or coffee? and likewise, wishing you all the best :) i hope it gets easier for you soon.

  16. it's probably marinara sauce lol

  17. anecdotal, but i lost like 15 pounds after quitting caffeine. i was way less hungry, more focused, and binged WAY less. check out

  18. im in there literally almost every night, i usually get there before night powell starts, and i have never had anyone ask me to show them my bruincard. this is post-covid tho (as in, these past few quarters) (edit: i also sit in the little cubicle desks that are kinda isolated, maybe it’s different if you’re in the open space seating area)

  19. some people actually feel a little smt called... "empathy"

  20. Yeah, but to let empathy not allow you to be productive, over something that doesn’t even personally affect you, then wtf is one going to do when a tragedy personally affects them? Shut down completely? For UCLA students, too many of you like to act like children who lack coping skills. As a Bruin who graduated, it’s embarrassing.

  21. the difference here is that you’re prioritizing “productivity” while we succumb to our human-ness.

  22. "but still accepted and loveable," implying that aquariuses are not. LMAO. alright...

  23. i had the most dramatic crush on him when i was an LA too LMAO :’))

  24. i’ve been microdosing before going to sleep for the past couple of doses after a little break, and so far it’s not really doing it for me. i felt a massive difference when i took it in the morning, but taking it before bed is more convenient for a couple reasons.. i’ll prob go back to morning doses tho. i will say that it doesn’t disrupt my sleep.

  25. westwood dental care on wilshire. you can call to make an appt (310-208-8551) and they’ll get you in super quickly if you let them know you’re in pain.

  26. EXACTLY!!!!!! nobody is coming to the gym without the intention of listening to their music and their music only. what is the reason!!!

  27. where’d u get the birth time

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