1. Yeah it's insane how many people just believe bs without looking at... anything. Wasting time giving advice on refunds to an OP lying for karma. Love it.

  2. So you waited two weeks for leaf litter to gather to come back and take the photo? Fake bs.

  3. It reads as SURR, SUFF, or SULF. Reconsider kerning.

  4. Creepy, bad fonts, smile means nothing it's a random vector blob. Bad.

  5. Where are you located? I've accidently bred too many and am giving them free. Brown with stripes, completely smooth shells, raised by hand because I cannot cull.

  6. Gonna be awkward when this OP is just spoiling the winners ffs

  7. They're not getting enough proteins with just algae! Try adding Crab Cuisine from Hikari or similar. With the sliming, in my experience that's commonly dietary if water is fine. Good luck!

  8. My oldest kid has put us all through hell. We've tried all we can think of to help. She just doesn't care. Narcissistic, histrionic and borderline personality. She insists she has multiple personality disorder. She doesn't. She's been told by 3 therapists that she doesn't. She just gets pissed off and doesn't want to see them anymore.

  9. Sounds like bpd but as long as you didn't do.anything all.good huh

  10. Don't rinse decor! There's no reason as it crashes the cycle. Just use gravel vacuum. Cycled tank doesn't need to be "cleaned"

  11. Super curious why you care about this if you've essentially skipped the psst 28 SEASONS

  12. It’s not something the contestants do but when a detour consists of “oh this thing takes a lot of time but it’s scary” or “oh this thing isn’t scary at all but takes 10 times as longer” I always wonder what’s the point of the task even being a detour because in a race for a million dollars who’s gonna care?

  13. Well that one idiot in waterwings didn't go down a slide

  14. And if anyone has creative ideas to fit 5-10 gal tanks in small spaces I am open for suggestions!

  15. Just set it up? Mine fits on an end table it's less that 2 feet wide... you're making excuses

  16. Why not just pickaxe the ramp down? He fall and die.

  17. No problem, next on my list are the damn wall sconces where the base disappears into the stone columns. I don't have many OCD tendencies but man does Valheim seem to bring them out.

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