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  1. You learn to love with it's existence use it once or twice and never touch it again unless necessary.

  2. What do you need blazing blood for that warrants it's own setup?

  3. The smeltery needs fuel to melt metals but not mobs the fuel is easier to manage if you setup a smeltery jut to make fuel cause all you need to do is right click the seared drain on the blaze chicken killing smeltery with a bucket and you can get fuel or if you know how you can pipe it directly in to the seared fuel tank on the metal smeltery. to automate fuel creation and output.

  4. i know, i just didnt see what the smeltery was really used for in SB3, thats why i asked. other than a cobblegen tier 5 quest, is there something its needed for? ProjectE and chickens are effectively early game and negate the need for any of that afaict

  5. It's used for tools that can be repaired with the materials they're made out of for example iron tools can be infinitely repaired with iron ingots they have enchantment like modifiers that can be changed based on material used or added redstone for haste lapis for looting or fortune a silk touch modifier and mending moss for mending.

  6. I second this lots of fun mods and qol improvements create is a mod you either love or you don't love it yet Enigmatica 6 has refined storage super early game as soon as you have the materials you can make mass storage systems easily and automate crafting

  7. Automating food or basic materials is never a waste. You should make a sawmill for logs to planks ircc you get 6planks per log

  8. Umm who did you shank with that I've seen people break bottles to shank people with in movies before.


  10. Yeah I know it was the best I could do without the knowledge of the tool that existed if you look closer it's also asymmetrical I made a post of the finished build

  11. I placed ONE pillar in the wrong place and i was trying to fix it for 20 minutes or what at leas felt like it here it is now

  12. At this time of year? At this time of day? in this biome? In this game? Located entirely In your computer?

  13. If fancy menu is installed in the mod pack you need to disable it to see all the options In settings. Can't remember off the top of my head if it's there but I'll get back to you.

  14. 16 bit and 8-bit games in my opinion. The early 3D PS1 look and N64 look the most out of place in today's time the pixel style is timeless it's still being used for new releases to this day because it looks less offensive than the early 3D renders

  15. You have to have a legally obtained ROM dump of super Mario 64 from an official Nintendo cartridge. If you don't have one or don't know what to do DM me and I'll help

  16. Never had a super game boy before well than you got to get one right now. If it's on life support don't pull the plug until it tells you.

  17. I remember leaving my new 3ds in the toilet for a whole year and playing it everyday while making some gingerbread mens. After a year my 3ds turned yellowish with some weird smell when i open the clam shell up every session.

  18. its kind of meant to be like nyan cat so its short for toaster pastry cat toaster cat was taken on my original gmail so i used 101on the end basically all my accounts and burner accounts are toastercat ??? ??? being three random numbers sometimes up to 5

  19. I'm autistic an important thing to note is I can't filter things like other people can I sometimes say the wrong thing in the wrong place like when I heard a loud noise upstairs during a funeral I said wow somebody died. I tend to blurt things out a lot and get VERY angry when people repeat the same thing more than 3 times seconds apart from each other. Certain noises and even pitches of voices bother me "whiney" tone basically high and shrill makes me angry don't know how else to describe it. And I always have to do something with my hands and I'll fidget with random objects because I need to keep my hands busy. I'm not smart because I'm autistic I'm smart AND I'm autistic.

  20. I love to play synergism in my spare time it's a REALLY deep idle game

  21. God please no not the bathtub anything but the bathtub

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