1. I had the $ within quotes in the input function (“Enter the initial amount: $”), but since % comes after the number, it appears that it’s not possible to make it appear after user inputs a number.

  2. I'm assuming you want to show % as the user inputs the rate as a hint. it's not possible with the input function. it doesn't take any suffix as argument. however I wrote a little bit of a hack that does exactly that.

  3. I figured this was the case. Yeah, I’ll leave it as is. But wow, thanks for the thorough explanation and solution.

  4. This is the recommended text for a programming class I'm taking. Although I wouldn't rely on a single source when learning, this book has been very helpful and covers a range of Python topics.

  5. I recently started taking classes online and this was one of the questions in an assignment. I tried to do research about it, but nothing I found was clear enough as I am very new to this. It's challenging to learn programming without in-person help/feedback from professors or classmates. Found this subreddit, and I feel relieved and grateful for the feedback lol. Thank you for yours.

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