1. Money is simply an abstract (edit: proxy) for barter. Back in the day if you were a farmer, you'd grow wheat to feed yourself and your family. Meanwhile you'd need a tool from the blacksmith, and you need some goat's milk from the goat herd. So you'd trade some wheat - at a ratio agreed to by both of you - for the tool with the blacksmith (one bag of wheat for one shovel), and you'd trade wheat for milk with the goat herder (one bag of wheat for 10 milks, or whatever).

  2. Money is a proxy for human labor. It's value is bestowed upon it by the confidence its users have in its issuance. Precious metals are artificially inflated in value due to vanity markets.

  3. If everybody votes for themselves, everybody wins.

  4. Could you explain your position better? The creators certainly made referential content to link them.

  5. Not together tho? Just for the Easter rggs

  6. That is generally the purpose of Easter eggs. It draws connections that would be narratively costly to do.

  7. There was a follow up. When they finally decided to "have they's baby" (remove the pregnancy bump), they went to the store for some party supplies. But when they got back, the fuck doll was no where to be found. They think someone stole it because why else would it just up and leave?

  8. Correct. Someone reported you. I was responding to it so they (and you) could see

  9. Yeah, some people gotta understand that kids range from 5-19 years...probably...that's how I see it

  10. I use under 21 because in my country, 21 is the age almost every legal measure considers a person to be an adult.

  11. Line mouths like Steak Guy's are almost entirely CGI. If the puppet has a jaw like Yellow or Duck, they use mechanical puppetry techniques.

  12. Despite Pax Britannica's efforts, thankfully.

  13. Have you smelled KY & rotten modafinal? You'd beg for the Belsen gas for an alternative.

  14. You can tell an American came up with yellow guys because no British child would ever be called manny

  15. Would love to see him debate Foggy Brandon on something like AI regulation.

  16. At least he supports marijuana legalization. I don’t see how some tv doctor who was on Oprah would be better.

  17. He also supports putting Xanax and cigarettes in school vending machines, or will if you tell him to.

  18. Doesn’t unemployed brendon say that briefcase is his brother

  19. If you follow the like, it goes to Becky's IG

  20. So vote with a bullet with my name on it?

  21. Take David’s words out of your fucking mouth.

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