1. I love you so much you’re literally amazing

  2. Yay! I’m glad she’s on our kids’ side!

  3. No. I should’ve been more clear in my post about what I was taking about

  4. The only thing I can think of is maybe you need a trim a bit more often to not cause frizz, but your ends look super healthy. Another thing to consider is a clarifying shampoo every two weeks or so, as build up can cause frizz. You’re doing a bunch of good stuff and keep it up!

  5. This wasn’t a kit. I grow my own milkweed and raise them from eggs. I just used an old tent from my

  6. If your hair has thinned then maybe Pantene won’t be the best for volumizing, as it has silicones. I’m not getting into that whole debate, but fine hair can be weighed down by it

  7. Wait till it’s above 55 degrees and below 90

  8. I don’t know how, but I really like the look! I have a friend with a similar thing going on, and I think it looks amazing! Your hair is most people’s goals when using a curling iron.

  9. Hairstylist here. Call her and say I have to cancel my appointment. Do this and give her over 48 hours in advance. The sooner the better so she can fill your appointment with someone else

  10. She still doesn’t have the appointment made, so I don’t think it’ll inconvenience her too much if I cancel

  11. Hi, I need to reschedule my appt! I will reach out when my schedule opens up, thanks!

  12. This is my first time seeing her and my mom says she always takes this long. I really don’t want to spend almost two weeks planning an appointment(she texts back every four days or so), so I probably won’t go to her.

  13. I’d love to help out if the offer still stands.

  14. Hey I’m sorry people were dicks to you!

  15. Stan Kroenke is a hated human in St Louis

  16. I previously tried the Kristen Ess signature line and it left my hair suuuuper dry. I went back to using the Pacifica vegan silk shampoo and cheapo L’Oréal conditioner because it works better for me. I’ve had my eye on the Maui moisture lightweight curls though, so I may try that next.

  17. I listened to your advice and I bought the Pacifica Coco Peptide Damage Care shampoo and conditioner (some heat damage from blow drying and chemical damage from an old perm)! It worked super well for me after just one wash and my hair wasn’t stretchy like it used to be!

  18. That looks like my great grandma! She recently passed, but I loved her so much

  19. idk about anyone else, but the general vibe of town n country makes me nauseous, sometimes literally

  20. The people here are super nice, but I can agree that it’s a bit on the uglier side

  21. Ah yes, the commentary we need on the suburbs from a high schooler that lives in the suburbs.

  22. They're fairly strict on requirments, high humidity, relatively low tempretures, these aren't very hard to maintain but it's important to do so or else they can die fairly quickly, temperment wise, babies are pretty nippy so if you're getting a baby brb, expect to be bitten, although they do cool down when they're older, just socialize them and you'll have a wonderful nice tame snake, also babies are a lot more strict with the humidity they need up to 90 or so percent humidity, as adults they get slightly lenient on humidity but they still need relatively high humidity as adults.

  23. I never ended up getting a snake, as something popped up with my health

  24. You can make someone's hair do almost anything artificially at any time in life, although it won't be a permanent change. Do you mean a natural permanent change?

  25. Yeah. I know that peoples hair changes with spikes in hormones or other stuff so I wonder if you could encourage that if someone’s going through puberty

  26. Just let people have their religion

  27. ah i'm not sure, though my hair was spiky and looked kinda like yours before it started curling up

  28. Got it. It’s started getting progressively frizzier when dry, and I think it’s because I may be brushing it out because I don’t want to deal with any movement whatsoever. I’m getting my ends cut this week and I’ll be super unprepared if it comes out curly

  29. maybe it could be the puberty thing, my hair was always straight as a child but ever since i was 12, my hair turned curly

  30. My proposition is that we make an adaptation to his system, with a letter or number based on curl type, texture, moisture, and density to make everything easier to assess.

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