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  1. It was also used to force the mouth open on those resisting a forced feeding before they developed forced nasal insertion.

  2. The ad agency that created this has turned all rights to it over to the Native Americans.

  3. I mean, at least they're getting fed now though right?

  4. Not in all areas. The Federal money supporting it is gone.

  5. Spore. It was hyped as a game that went from spark of life to galactic conquest. It's just a bunch of mini games.

  6. I laugh that the initial game and like first three stages were cool, but by stage 4 it was a really bland/watered down Civ-genre game and by stage 5, it was... like all the launch hype of No Man's Sky with an exponentially more limited gameplay.

  7. The graphics were also a step backwards, not 'ground breaking' as hyped.

  8. It’s so easy to demonize but he was just a product of his time. No one criticizing him now would have thought anything negative about him if they were alive in the 15th century.

  9. Even by the standards of his time he was nasty. He was imprisoned for his acts in the new world.

  10. It’s not clear to me how much of that was politically motivated. His removal as governor basically lost him a vast fortune that he was entitled to as part of an agreement.

  11. I disagree. Viewing him through a contemporary lens, he's nasty.

  12. Both. Government devices are already being passed in several areas. There is talk of country wide ban.

  13. Perfect timing. Traffic lights are always green when I get there, elevators are always waiting, bus pulls up just as I get there. That type of thing.

  14. Trenton New Jersey in the 80s. Nastiest place I have ever been. I'm not sure if I'd return, it may have changed.

  15. I suggest The Shelfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. It explains this and other evolutionary hypotheses. It is also the first use of Memetics, where the term meme comes from.

  16. That's a conveyer belt walkway, so everyone is moving forward.

  17. And yet the collective progress is still impeded by the utterly selfish and/or clueless old bat.

  18. War on Drugs was Greatest /Silent, not boomers. Same allowed for for-profit health care and killed Clinton's healthcare.

  19. Did they have many megafauna predators in Australia? I was under the impression there weren’t any/many and that humans wiped out most of the larger marsupials that were around before then.

  20. Thylacine - also known as the Tasmanian Tiger, lived in Australia and Tasmania. Went extinct in 1936.

  21. I thought rabies was already controlled, only leaving bats, raccoon, skunks as the main vectors of rabies.

  22. I give rabies shots for a living (ER nurse) and it’s not like this. We use the same needles as the flu shot and go as deep. We still give it over a 2 week course, but I give it to kids. They know what the last shot was like and they usually complain but no one ever freaks out due to pain. The medicine is hot pink, so that usually helps distract everyone lol

  23. Advances changed the procedure in the 80s. I got the 'old school' series over 18 days at the age of 5 in 1965. Don't remember it much, just it was painful and they had a rather large 'orderly' come in to hold me down. I was too out of it due to a severe mauling.

  24. And what exactly is your source for that bit of misinformation?

  25. Didn’t know the range went down that low. Those were the days.

  26. TO make it even 'ickier', there are some views about Joseph being a widower, maybe in his 30s. (A splitting point between Catholics and the rest.)

  27. The SR-71 started out as the A-12 built for the CIA. The CIA had 15 of them, supposedly retired in 1968. But were they? Note that the A-12 was a single seat version.

  28. You'd be surprised at the number of silent atheists around you.

  29. If I don't remember any weird kids, does that mean I was the weird kid?

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