1. As long as everyone is in your friends and family list you should be able to do virtual queue (and genie+ selections if you are buying that).

  2. Sorry you are going through this. What do you mean by help? Sad music to help you get out your feelings or happier music to try and make you feel better? The first song that pops into my head is Just Breathe by Pearl Jam. It might make you feel either way, but it has death themes, so it may be triggering. Another one that has sad undertones is I Will Remember You by Sarah Mclaughlin (spelling may be wrong). Again, I'm sorry you are dealing with this and hope you find healing.

  3. No. My more in-depth answer is if enough good evidence were available to outright prove the existence of god, then I would accept it and no longer be atheist. However, I would fight against that god because I find them to be an immoral asshole. Theists hate that answer.

  4. Religion is dangerous. I would advise against telling them until you are absolutely independent of them in every way possible. Even then, you don't have to tell them anything. It is ultimately up to you and whether you feel safe doing so. Be prepared to lose them or face severe repercussions if you tell them.

  5. I apologize, this is incentive. I answered before reading your comment. The truth is I don't know to all of your questions. No one does, although people will claim to have answers. Enjoy the little things in life and the time you have here. What is assured is that you are alive, you interact with other people, and I hope you have the best experiences possible.

  6. I’m getting downvoted to hell by furious Eagles fans for commenting on Nick Sirianni celebrating like a douchebag. Worth it.

  7. I don't like the Giants, but I hate the fucking Eagles. Go fucking get 'em brother.

  8. So fun watching him. One of my favorite players.

  9. Pop Century or Art. Whichever I can get cheaper. We love the skyliner.

  10. This team is like the reverse of the stock market. At least with the stock market, no matter how bad it gets, it does well in the long run.

  11. How fucking disrespectful to go for it on 4th and 9. But you get it so fuck us.

  12. So if we’re not stopping the pass or the run, what the fuck is the strategy here

  13. I don't like Heinicke and all the people that blow him, but Wentz ain't it either. We don't have an Oline or a QB. Unfortunately, Heinicke is our best shot right now. I don't like it but what do you do? The team likes him and plays hard with him at qb. We are stuck with a superbowl caliber team and no one to block or throw the ball.

  14. The biggest loser is still here... Heinicke basically saved that game for us and they're still here wanting Wince and his 10 sacks and 7 points per game.

  15. You can dislike both while agreeing Heinicke is the best option.

  16. .. but...but he's fun to watch... bum ass mfer

  17. Yeah I think the Book story is good so far but the leveling experience is frustrating. I don't think I will play it through again. It doesn't feel fun imo.

  18. I will buy gear! Probably get a jersey and a hat and wear them with pride.

  19. Really? I see one possible win. Others are loses or typical lucky breaks.

  20. I do not like Heinicke at all but there is no one else to start. Wentz sucks, who knows what Howell is. Heinicke can play the season out but please lay off his nuts. He is not good.

  21. We won’t know what Howell is until we play him. That’s kinda the whole point of my post

  22. I can get on board with that if people can get on board with Heinicke sucking.

  23. It doesn't matter. We don't have a good option at qb right now. I just wish people would stop blowing Heinicke.

  24. Lol so sad you waited to come back and reply to me after the game 🤣

  25. I replied to you and you said the same dumb shit

  26. Darrell Green and Brian Mitchell. Loved watching them play.

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