1. Kind of piggy backing off this, concentration is a mechanic you can absolutely abuse under the right conditions. Ember (a powerful NPC who occasionally fights alongside my PCs) has access to high level buff spells, but wants to maintain distance, use cover, or not call attention to herself in order to concentrate. So she’ll haste the monk, enlarge the Dragonborn cleric, stuff like that. Have a powerful NPC take a level in bard and they can also use bonus actions to inspire!

  2. I have the exact same rule for making memes! No more than 30 minutes.

  3. I want to thank you for kicking a charismatic and fun person from your group when you realized what he’d done. It’s hard sometimes to draw a line like that, but it’s also really important.

  4. i like the way it sounds too, to be fair. but I'm also queer and i don't say it around people unless they're also queer and ok with hearing it lmfao

  5. I’m queer as well. I don’t use it ever anymore -tracking who’s around and adjusting appropriately isn’t my strong suit (not judging what works for you).

  6. Concerta isn't as bad since it's been out so long, but there is no official generic equivalent because the delivery mechanism in Concerta is patented. So sometimes it's covered and sometimes not. And it's still expensive.

  7. Is it possible you meant to say the delivery system of Vyvanse is patented? I ask because GoodRx does list generic Concerta, and Vyvanse is under a manufacturer’s patent till next year because of its mechanism of delivery.

  8. Vyvanse has no genetics cause it's too new.

  9. Vyvanse is too new, but the thing that’s new about Vyvanse is that your body converts it to dextroamphetamine (Adderall) and l-lysine in your blood. That’s what lisdexamphetamine is. So the method of delivery is the differentiating factor that makes it a “new” drug (as I understand it, anyway).

  10. I thought the Roadhog VA was really reclusive and barely interacted with fans? Or was that the Junkrat one

  11. Roadhog’s VA, Josh, is chill af and pretty outgoing! He showed up to a con in my area (not as a celebrity guest, just as a guy), and palled around for a good portion of the day shooting content for our small and local nerdy YouTube channel cause two of us were cosplaying Junkrat and Roadhog. We crashed Chris Parson and Jonny Cruz’s panel (Junkrat and Lucio voice actors), goofed off and just hung out.

  12. This guy looks just like a “S’more”!! Perfect creative name and adorable kitty cat : )

  13. JUST POST IT vibes have brought me a long way as a creative (I’m a professional video editor, photographer, and director). Your psychiatrist sounds awesome, and like someone who understands ADHD creatives quite well!

  14. Thank you, I'm pretty proud of me too! "Good enough" has been a big mantra for me in recent years. I tend to overwork everything to death if I don't force myself to step back and let go and just be okay with something being good enough. Solidarity, yo.

  15. Yeah- I overwork and overdevelop concepts into oblivion without checks and balances. And a special shout-out to my tendency to my nearly overwhelming desire to start over when I’m 60%-70% done.

  16. I was going to say the same thing, but about the Suntory! Either way- you, me, the kitty, and OP could have a lovely dinner party 😉

  17. I didn’t think anyone had the power to make over a million people wince with a single question… but then in the final episode of EXU Calamity (which everyone should watch even if they don’t know Critical Role) Brennan went and asked Marisha

  18. Yeah that moment gave me a visceral reaction. I was surprised, horrified, and deeply impressed all at once.

  19. The fuck? I'd say it's the opposite regarding Boomers, SO many of my friends in their early 30's have at least 1 hobby, most have several, even those with children. And they aren't fabulously wealthy, they are just normal people.

  20. Right?? I make cosplays and props, I’m a cosplayer (two separate hobbies with a lot of overlap), I paint, I play and DM ttrpgs, including making maps, 3D printing minis and painting them, etc. I refinish furniture, I make seasonal (or not seasonal) decorations, I cut and dye my hair with lots of bright colors, and I recently got into roller skating and designing custom LED lighting setups for my home and workspace!

  21. Wow…this is a great quote, and one I’ve never heard before. Thanks for posting!

  22. This is such important advice, and I feel like I NEVER see it in these discussions! Where were you when I started meds? (I just did the math…the answer is when I was starting, you were most likely about to start taking meds as well! Same hat!)

  23. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I love horror, but no thank you.

  24. My cat also always does this! Stealing “sploots” to use in future conversations, because that’s exactly what this should be called!

  25. From what I've gathered, it's a sign of very healthy hips. So it's a good thing! But it does look a bit funny 😂

  26. I hadn’t heard that… then I’ve got a healthy-hipped, if a little goofy looking, boy. Life could be worse!

  27. Love me a dude that’s tatted up! I’m here mostly for just the solidarity with my bi buds- it’s an unexpected delight to see someone so my type!

  28. Or I’ve watched Ted Lasso so many times anytime someone says something is life, I immediately think of Danny Rojas…

  29. I thought this was only me! I don’t do it often, but if I haven’t been able to sleep for awhile (like days in a row), I’ll use it as an emergency. I’ll have to bring it up with my doctor…

  30. My ADHD symptoms definitely exacerbate my anxiety and depression. The first and second doctors I saw wanted to treat me for anxiety and refused to consider evaluating me for ADHD because of the stigma around ADHD meds.

  31. Letterkenny (stick with it, it o Lu gets better).

  32. This is the first time I’ve heard someone else say they didn’t “get” Letterkenny right away. It took me a bit too, but it’s so worth it!

  33. Girl here 🙋🏻‍♀️ GOW is my favorite video game of all time. Been waiting for Ragnarok foreverrrrrr

  34. I’ve been a gamer and a girl for a long time. If I was scared of a fight, I wouldn’t be a GoW fan!

  35. Your comment inspired me! I’m going to try to dig into mine again.

  36. Truebill was great, but they're rebranding to become Rocket Money, so it's about to be mainly a tool for Rocket to sell users their loans rather than being a personal financial management/budget/subscription visibility tool. I cancelled this week when I got the email.

  37. Oh, wow. That sucks that it could have been viable for me, and now isn’t.

  38. I’m sorry if you don’t like that your actual church didn’t tell you the truth. They are built for controlling populations and that’s not always done with the correct translation.

  39. I’m a woman raised in a Texas Church of Christ. I obviously couldn’t be a pastor or preacher…what if I accidentally ended up teaching a man something? God would hate that.

  40. “We live in the Middle East, the sun is always in the sky, and yet somehow he’s got the complexion of a fucking snowman!

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