My personal survival/E&E kit.

For an especially amazing showing.

Can't stop seeing stars

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

Tip of my hat to you

  1. You do but omg I love this cosplay! I haven’t played L4D in foreverrrrrrrr

  2. It’s really hard for me to drop my hips lower because of my legs, I always thought I was deadlifting wrong because of how high my butt is but it feels bad I have been working on bracing in my other lifts, I feel like I get so dizzy though when I have to keep taking deep breaths but I’ll definitely work on it more. Thanks for all of the input I really appreciate it!

  3. Have you tried sumo deadlifts? It might feel more comfortable with longer legs.

  4. Yes I'm speaking to a GP and either seeing if I can get it free off the NHS or buying it for £159 ready made up from a reputable sources, my fiancé on the other hand likes to save money where ever he can even when he doesn't need too

  5. i mean its worth it if you want it, otherwise no, but that's not something we can answer for you??

  6. Is anybody losing weight just from medication and not lifestyle changes? I have a gym membership and want to go but haven't had child care as I'm currently going through a divorce. I'm trying to do some small at home stuff.

  7. It really depends from person to person. But I think eating better and exercising will give you better results, especially if/when you stop taking the med.

  8. Idk how anyone can recommend anything when you haven’t shared your budget, what you’re looking for specifically, your hair type etc etc.

  9. Omg where did you get the Nuka cola art??!! Also please give your kitty pets for me

  10. Get an RX from a telehealth provider and buy it from Canada. You’ll pay out of pocket but it’s about $200/month that way

  11. Idk if you have a cocktail book yet OP but if you wrote one I would 1000000% buy it!

  12. How much is there? We end up with bits of food everywhere, but I think it’s because our cat is a messy eater and gets it in her fur. Also sometimes I think she just gets distracted and walks away with good in her mouth.

  13. At what point is a normal time to feel a difference

  14. Considering what’s happening in powerlifting right now, it seems like it’s overdue to hold people like this accountable in the community and not make “Aw shucks he’s just being a boy” excuses for bad behavior

  15. One of the big federations got called out for allowing sexual harassment by meet directors and coaches and lying about addressing it/completing background checks on their refs and meet directors. Goob_u2 on Instagram brought it all out.

  16. I’m going to be in a podcast to do some survival themed talks coming up here, including this kit. I don’t want to promote it on the subreddit but I’ll PM you the name of the podcast.

  17. It also doesn't warrant 5 cars, 3 of which are unmarked. Did he mistakenly get caught up in a sting operation? Did they get the wrong car? Seriously, wtf is going on there? He tries to comply, but it gets mighty confusing, trying to meet multiple demands simultaneously. A reckless driver or a driver doesn't get 5 cars responding.

  18. This is what blows my mind too. There was a domestic dispute on my street a while back and at most it was 2 cars that responded to handle it. Wtf do they need 5 for?? I can’t help but feel like this was personal/targeted.

  19. Can the landing strip be my lap? Need me a stealth bomber cuddle

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