1. I can confirm this, got several for $32 a half gram per cart the other day out the door

  2. If you seriously think the high from live resin is the same/better than rosin then you’ve probably only have shit rosin lol. To me rosin high is way more comparable to the high you get from flower and live resin often makes me racey. Also I cough way more from resins than rosin. The only thing I may agree with you about is the taste. I’ve definitely had resins that taste better than Rosins but overall rosins seem to have a more natural taste than live resins. Also rosins usually have a better terp profile and give you a more true flavor profile plus I mean no solvents have to better for you than solvents no? But all that said I haven’t found it in me to spend over $90 for a legal gram of rosin in IL so idk it may all be bad.

  3. If all you've had is IL dispo rosin, then that is the problem. When you've had top tier rosin it's almost impossible to go back, at least it is for me. It's like smoking bowls and then getting a flowerpot. Once you hit the flowerpot it feels almost criminal to take a flame to your flower.

  4. Their rosin has been on point lately. I just finished a gram of Honey Bun and got one more left and will probably pick up again. Don’t like their flower but I like their concentrates….especially if one is on a budget

  5. Their chocolate bars are 🔥 and I recently tried their microdose mints that were also pretty solid

  6. Yeah their chocolate bars are pretty good especially if you are on a budget. I think they hit pretty well. Im about a 1/4 way through this jar and feel very heavily stoned. Definitely an Indica type high, not much of any anxiety, but I feel clear headed at the same time…yet quite tired. I would definitely recommend it. At least the Honey Bun strain. I can’t put my finger on the exact taste….kinda sweet maybe.

  7. Also for the record I have a really high tolerance lol. So 1/4 of the jar is definitely not what I’d say most people need unless you dab daily. Couple hits of this will have you feeling nicely. I’ve got severe IBD so I use it in place of pills

  8. vanilla cake is not that great. Floracal does have some good ones though, I like purple plague a lot, kush mints its pretty good too. And I mostly just go to michigan for my weed. Way cheaper and they have real exotics there lol. Illinois weed is a joke but floracal does have some good stuff.

  9. Agreed, out of all the rosins and carts I’ve tried from them, Vanilla Cake is my least favorite. Didn’t have much of a flavor and the effects were meh imo.

  10. Even though he acts brave eventually, you can tell it’d just because he’s jealous all of his friends are better at magic. I wouldn’t be surprised if the other friends talked shit about Ben behind his back. Wouldn’t blame them.

  11. Book Neville is pretty brave. Especially all throughout the 7th book basically fucking with the Carrows until they decided to send someone after his gram, who proceeded to whip the shit out of them. Then having to flee into the Room of Requirement. Really doubt Ben would do any of that. Not sure comparing Ben and him are that great of a comparison tbh

  12. Yep! First gram jar I’ve gotten by them. The other 3 times have been half grams, since that’s all they had. Pretty surprised at how good this stuff is. Hopefully they can remain consistent

  13. I got some of their gelato cake badder a couple weeks back and I have to admit for the price ($45), it wasn’t too bad. Better than any Verano I’ve gotten since 2020 lol

  14. Gray/Grey and High Tides in the Snake Nest are my 2 favorites. I also enjoy Black $uicide as well. Sad we probably won’t get anymore of those.

  15. Contact the dispo. As the poster above said, I wouldn’t expect more than $20 in credit. I got a bucket that spilled and got $5 back off what was a $120 bucket lol. Your milage will vary in IL lol

  16. Thanks everyone!! Cart tastes great, was just curious about these lab results lol. I’m using the lowest voltage setting on my pen and not getting any burn.

  17. That's definitely one of the highest I've seen 9-13% seems to be average. Enjoy!

  18. Anyone gonna mention the Juicy J diss that Ruby threw out in “Sorry for the Delay”. “Always trynna get my money, call that Juicy J”. Seems like he might be referring to the ordeal in 2020

  19. Loved all the tracks. The Serpent and the Rainbow is my favorite. Wish there was more than 7 tracks but it’s still good

  20. Lol that’s big cap 🧢 looks like youve worn that to sleep since you bought that shit 💀

  21. It’s common to receive shirts like this. They are usually rolled up and stuffed into bags which causes them to get wrinkled in travel. Source: used to sell custom tees.

  22. I don’t see anything aside from clothing fiber? Pull it out and smoke it. I’ve dropped weed on the floor and got cat hair in it, been dankrupt and said screw it lol

  23. This looks like it has way more trichromes than any NGW flower I’ve gotten. Usually it’s dust or dry as Arizona when I buy it which is why I only get their concentrates. Even then I feel like I’m gambling…because I am lol

  24. Considering what happens later, I think there are worse lol. I won’t post any spoilers for those that haven’t seen. My fiancé is in year 7. I personally don’t think Merula is that bad. Just my opinion lol.

  25. I was told the side quests are basically “flashbacks” or “flash sideways” and aren’t canon to the actual story line. That’s from an email I got from JC. Not sure how true it is but considering some later events I’ve encountered, seems correct

  26. They don’t accept them, at least didn’t last year. I got one for Christmas and WCC and Rise neither would accept. May have changed, doubt it though, I’d call ahead

  27. $40 before med discount and loyalty points. I walked out paying $35. I got it for $28 on Black Friday. I’ve seen it at med dispos though for 30 a half G out the door. Which is a way better deal. After buying it twice, considering I can get a gram of Floracal out the door for $67.50 on Medical Mondays at Rise, it’s not 100% worth it to me as a med patient

  28. This rosin seems to leave a tad bit more of residue than usual but it’s not bad. The lady at the dispensary said the consistency on this product had been all over with some people loving it and others getting total trash. So I don’t know if I’ll gamble on this one again lol

  29. Some dispos do discounts on your first time. Ask about those, sometimes can save you upwards of 25%, which if you get a concentrate almost takes care of the tax. Floracal and Rev have good rosins. I’ve had good experience with the NGW rosin too, but I’ve seen it’s very hit or miss. No complaints on Rev or Floracal other than the price. Air Gelato, Kush Mints, and Florida Orange are my favorite strains. Blulato is close too, I go through it so fast though lol

  30. Not bad! Where at? I never see rosins from companies in my dispos besides Floracal carts.

  31. Yeah it definitely won’t last long. I usually get grams or buckets of the sugar, but figured it was worth the ole college try

  32. I got 4 of these Bedford Grow grams today on sale at WCC for $21 a piece before tax. I figured after tax on these or the bucket, I actually saved some money. I prefer BG anyway. Last sugar buckets I got had sauce leaked everywhere and overall a mess. The bucket I think was $98 pre-tax, so marginally cheaper for 0.5 more (4g vs 3.5). Ozone often has deals too at WCC for $24.50 a g too. Those are about the only options I’ve seen for getting that amount unless you do Cresco like you said.

  33. I just saw your last comment. I sent a photo in of both times there was sauce everywhere and the first time I got $5 credit back. Second time I got a “sorry not our fault”. So I wouldn’t expect much. However it does depend on the cultivator

  34. I’ve tried the same and no luck. Sucks cuz i really dislike the hood in mine lol 😂

  35. How is that?? I bought a half zip of the candy rain for 90 bucks and it was some fire. The best floracal is the morning dew. That shit is some stoney weed right there

  36. Morning Dew is definitely my favorite flower I’ve had this year. I had it a couple times over the summer and it was amazing. The rosin of the Candy Rain is great. I think it feels a bit more sedative out of the peak than the flower. But that could just be me. Flavor profile is great too. Even being this old, still good stuff

  37. damn thats like half off, I guess they gotta get rid of em before 12/1

  38. Yep! Lol. I went in like 3 years ago when Verano was decent still and they had 0.5G G Wagon carts for like $6 a piece due to the expiration date lol. That was of course before all the mold issues, or probably around the start of it lol.

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