1. I launched from Egypt to Crete, Crete to Malta, Malta to Corsica, then Corsica to France. Once I landed in France, I started getting boxed in by the other two players there.

  2. That isn’t even you, you can see a name on the other part

  3. It is me. It's not a name, it's "Lake Geneva" on the border of France and Switzerland. It's on the Territorial map:

  4. Now that i think about it, where there any dinosaurs that perhaps behaved like penguins, both on land and in water?

  5. This is a bird, but Cretaceous North America had a 6-foot-tall aquatic flightless bird called Hesperornis. It even still had the dinosaur teeth!

  6. Fuckin penguin I was betting on got his ass kicked, god damnit

  7. So when Korra consults the past avatars, is she just talking to herself?

  8. Well, it's a little more complicated. She must look within herself to save herself from her other self, and only then will her true self reveal itself.

  9. He bored their opponents with tales of Guru Laghima as a distraction while the other Red Lotus members attacked from behind.

  10. I’ve seen you before. Did you see an orange colored guy with a name made from spamming letters?

  11. I know what you mean, it can be feast or famine on territorial. Good luck going forward.

  12. I started in China, made allies with my neighbors. We were all about equal strength in the Old World, so no one wanted to attack each other. I noticed that the two players in the Americas were pretty weak though, so sent from Australia to Kerguelen Islands to South Georgia to Brazil. They fell without much issue, and everyone left was content for peace. It's my favorite win so far.

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