1. H2 is not even Hummer. It basically suburban with military-like brutal body on it.

  2. I was sure it was a Tahoe or something, but you're right. Suburban.

  3. Actually the H2 rides on a modified GMT 820 three quarter ton truck frame in front with a half ton GMT 800 frame in the rear. The H2 is technically a GMT 820.

  4. It was easy street for the most parts, the 90 degree turn coming off or going into the path to the main road (past the shed and tower) was where I had to do some finagling :)

  5. Oh, a tight turn would definitely require some finessing. All I was asking the 700 to do was turn around in under a hundred yards, and it was like 'Nah. I wanna see what's over yonder hill'. Just doesn't want to turn under power.

  6. That's the problem with both tractors; they don't turn well. I think that's because of three reasons:

  7. Was one of them repainting it black, fitting a wrecker body, then killing John Connor as a boy?

  8. I had a good chuckle with the one "I was fishing and didnt notice my car coming down"

  9. If we did, we'd definitely have reservations about repairing and refuelling the cowboy Cadillac and then just being told they can't find a VIN, so it's ours now. 😳

  10. It doesnt fit under the gateway anyway, I have no idea how to get around it, my plan here was to bring it down the next hill and get a few extra feet under the pipeline by fording the river.

  11. The left turn by the fuel station is very tight for this trailer, and you can easily end up spending an hour trying to get the damn thing unstuck. I found it's easier to take the long route; stay on the road until the left turn just before the North Port gateway, then take the last left before the White Valley gateway.

  12. It's the Derry Longhorn you pull out of the river in the last Alaska map

  13. She's a beast. Has the turning circle of an aircraft carrier, but a solid heavy hauler.

  14. meanwhile if I would plug my PSX or PS2 controller I'm pretty sure it would still work, I don't get why controllers break just by mere usage nowadays... and on top they are fucking expensive

  15. "Show wouldve been better if it ended with view from halfway down"/"nice while it lasted was all in his head"

  16. Can you imagine how much bitching about it there would have been, if the series had ended with The View From Halfway Down?

  17. This is actually how it worked until 1978 and a virulent disease wiped out the little people. It spread really quickly because it spread through contact and of course people were pressing the buttons all the time. Very sad.

  18. “This ain’t the first time I fought naked”

  19. The C/K1500. It's not as good at pulling as the Hummer or offroading as the Scout, but it's a good inbetween and has done more for me than the Hummer and Scout combined.

  20. There are way better scouts, but I could just never bring myself to sell my original CK1500.

  21. Ye it's important to get all the positive PR on trucks before we spend 5 hours yelling "fucking heapa shit rolly poly bastard"

  22. Now on to the recovery mission, gotta whip out the new Ziks 612H :3

  23. I love the Mastodon. Have fun recovering your Tatarin with it. 😁

  24. This quote is the main reason I was able to remember which one was Greg and which one was Terry in my early years of being a fan. Tank Bates is Terry's dad, this episode was about the blond one, Terry is the blond one.

  25. Great truck. I recently tried it with short logs in Burned Forest, and it absolutely crushed it.

  26. I hate to break it to you, but sometimes, men exaggerate. Based on the information available, Rory had no reason not to think he might be making up shit about her.

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