1. You can manually add transactions. I’m too lazy to do this so I just ignore cash transactions.

  2. Must have been the last Modelo in the 6 pack.

  3. This kinda happened with the covid vaccine although it was the Republicans melting down instead of the Democrats. It’s not a perfect comparison because the vaccine merely decreases the severity the disease rather than curing it.

  4. Joining the club! Only reason I signed up was for early access.

  5. Not to mention D+ doesn’t even give you everything. For example, one of the recent Pillow Talks was only available via the actual TV station for months and was only recently added to D+.

  6. I’ve definitely noticed this with some VOD shows.

  7. OR can be a Boolean logic operator which evaluates to true or false. For example: false OR true evaluates to true.

  8. from the 2 highschool classes of programming I took, that actually makes sense and kind of clears it up a little, thanks!

  9. How did he get ahold of a Super Bowl ring? Was he on the Buc’s coaching staff?

  10. Before the Wu-Tang part I thought there may have been a slight chance someone was actually this stupid.

  11. I think he just snuck on the field for 14 years wearing other people's uniforms. They were like, hey he must play for us, I guess we'll put him on the roster

  12. He must play and he must be called for 3 delay of game penalties in the short amount of time he plays before he gets hurt.

  13. Good. I felt similarly about Ronald. I don’t think either of these Dads were terrible people but they are both awful husbands.

  14. He said he learned in English in 3rd grade so you’re saying he knew no languages before that?

  15. They speak English almost anywhere, it’s a requirement to learn it in most schools.

  16. Right because it would appreciate in value 1000x per year.

  17. It wouldn’t work if your speed is 0 I guess

  18. Yeah if only I were coddled like these illegal immigrants who risk being imprisoned or deported to work back-breaking jobs for below minimum wage.

  19. If I ever did this then I would ensure that footage got out.

  20. You’ll see similar trends with a lot of fast food chains. Fast food consumption is highest in the South and lowest in the North East.

  21. Let me guess. It’s another solitaire game.

  22. When/if they ask for it, which will usually be when you’re checking out but less commonly could be when you enter the store.

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