1. LPs with trem systems are very underrated in my opinion

  2. Where'd you find that Om? EDIT: found Advaitic Songs and God is Good over at Bandcamp. My collection is rounding out nicely. 🤘

  3. Don’t make fun of me but they all came from Newbury comics believe it or not

  4. looks amazing! How is it? I've been thinking about getting one for a while, but I'm not really sure

  5. If you have the money, I recommend the studio over something like a strat or tele, it has excellent value for its price and plays just like some of the higher end lp models

  6. Nice guitar! How are the fret ends? Ive noticed all the Gibsons I've gotten without neck binding are pretty sharp/need some polishing.

  7. they’re pretty sanded off and the nitro finish just slightly covers the end of the metal, so they’re pretty smooth for not having binding

  8. Wassup bro, I was just wondering what your outlook of Dragonforce was when the band was first founded

  9. It activates your queen, and allows you to trade the queens in the future. The computer also says the position went to equal from losing

  10. The king is an attacking piece, make sure you use it at the start of the game. -Hikaru

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