1. Hey if you could let us know which universities you got admitted from, with this profile that would be helpful.

  2. Hey, I got into ASU MS CS, UMass Amherst MS CS and University of Washington - Seattle, MS Data Science.

  3. Been hearing that some people got interrogated for several hours by immigration officers and at times got deported too. Not sure how true this is. Logically it doesn't make sense though.

  4. Everything you need to know for data science is available online or in books. If you are paying a lot of money for a masters program, pay for something that will for sure lead to a job that is in your field of interest not trying to prove you have “data experience” with a degree in CS. Oftentimes, at graduate level the name of the degree matters much more than the rigor.

  5. But most DS / MLE job descriptions ask for a degree in Computer Science/Mathematics/Statistics. That's what bothered me

  6. A Data Science masters degree will be looked at basically the same as a computer science masters if it’s offered from the computer science department. You shouldn’t worry to much about it because usually the job listings will say “or equivalent” at the end, so something like a Data science degree would still be great.

  7. Thanks for your inputs! MSDS at UW is rather interdisciplinary. A mix of CS + HCDE + Stats. In a virtual setting, do you think location would still matter as much as it used to in a pre covid world?

  8. USC if you can afford. Else, NCSU it is. However, a lot would still depend on your potential since there is only so much a college tag can get you. You will have to grind leetcode equally at both places.

  9. I heard TAMU might release the remaining decisions earliest by end of April Or start of May. This is borderline frustrating

  10. Your goal is industry. Both programs are well renowned. So, curriculum is not really an issue. Also, the peer group and network at both the universities is well established. So, what you will need to think of is two things:

  11. That makes total sense. I do not have a CS degree in undergrad either. Do you think it would be sensible to go for DS at grad school even when I have an option to choose CS? Will the choice of my degree affect me in long run?

  12. Thanks. I was under the impression that only MSCS admits were out.

  13. Hang in there, buddy. I'm sure there are more admits yet to come. And for the one who have got in, I know a bunch of people who have not officially reported their GRE score (I assume that's what you meant, and not just uploading the test score report). With a profile like yours, TAMU is a sure shot admit. Even if you don't get in, which would be a worst case scenario, you will still make it to a top school and shine on!

  14. Not true, you can land jobs as MLE/applied scientist or even research engineer/SDE working on NLP/CV after graduation.

  15. So that means CS would leave me more options right? Also, I've confirmed with the graduate department at UW that I can substitute courses and pick one elective. If I choose courses like NLP / ML heavy ones, should that be enough?

  16. If you want to work as a data scientist then UWash is a no brainer. I mean they have a great program plus it's Seattle

  17. I checked the curriculum and it's mostly based on statistical and ML modelling. No advanced topics like NLP or Computer Vision. Would that put me in a disadvantage?

  18. It's 3 am here in India ! I'm still buzzing but I have some massive decisions to make

  19. Congrats OP. But isn't it mandatory for international students to be enrolled Full Time?

  20. But is it not a good option considering only the job opportunities post the degree? I've seen the alumni working as Applied Scientists for FAANG.

  21. Hey, Rather than applying to colleges at the last moment, I'd suggest you to wait for decisions and apply to the next cycle if things don't turn out to be in your favour. This cycle is clearly a blood bath and waiting for a year may not hurt.

  22. I see. I don't think you have a choice other than not applying to the program. IDK if NPTEL would help. You can take a proctored exam for the course, but please check if that would be accepted

  23. Does UIUC admit non cs students for non thesis masters? If so, could you help me with average class stats?

  24. NYU is super duper selective, so I doubt if you have chances unless you have a 9+ cg and publications at top notch conferences. Columbia could be achievable given that you have experience from 3 relevant internships. Maybe try applying to UPenn Data science too?

  25. Ask your school if they would allow you to take the preboard exam early or at a later point of time?

  26. TC/SE in the GRE are harder than the ones in Big Book. RCs are comparable. So it would be wise to use the book for RCs

  27. Sounds good, thanks! Although, I didn't find any SE questions in the book. Am I using an old/wrong edition? It seems I have the edition published in 1996.

  28. I believe it should be moderate. From tier 1, I'm assuming you must be from an IIT or a NIT, both of which are dearly adored by TAMU. And your low CG is compensated by research work, so in no way it is ambitious :)

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