1. Damn, now I have to spend my last few hours at work being productive...

  2. That’s dope. I guess my comment came off a little absolute (the don’t play songs of the eps live) but that was my experience when I saw them in Boston. Either way, I would love to hear some older stuff live when I see them with blink

  3. They were playing The Things You Do on this most recent tour.

  4. Adidas Ultraboost and Vans Ultrarange

  5. This picture looks like what Mindforce sounds like, and that's straight up NYHC.

  6. Their not. Just using him for a place hold until they can unleash Josh.

  7. Many people go to Josh as being the next CEO, but I doubt it. He only has experience in the "Parks" realm of things, so unless he's given a new position in these next two years to become more familiarized with the other side of the job, I don't see Josh being named.

  8. Wait times are growing for sure. It's 12:00PM on the Nov 21st and Avatar is a 3 hour wait! Imagine that? Three hours for Avatar? LOL. Rise is 2 hours and 45 minutes. Mine Train and Slinky Dog are two and a half! Even Spaceship earth is over an hour!!

  9. Holiday crowds are starting to pour in this week as well, but we were just there last November on the day after Thanksgiving until that Sunday, and I think 45 minutes was the longest that we willingly waited in a line. It's been crazy lately.

  10. I just want dining plans brought back, and this park reservation/hopping debacle settled.

  11. He's just having his post-Christmas dinner nap. He'll be fine by the next time you ride.

  12. I had to take a brief break from it because I played it in its entirety nearly every day at work for a bit. Came back again recently, and it still blows my mind.

  13. You Colorado transplants really make me mad 😆. Newhook is trash and will never be what you want him to be

  14. Close call between Spaceship Earth and the PeopleMover. Both are chill, long rides with short waits!

  15. Just a poll that's actively running on the Evil Ink site. No idea what it may lead up to, but looks like we'll be voting on character battles for the next few days.

  16. This feels like a video game or tabletop game to me. Either an MMO for a video game or a miniatures/strategy game if it’s tabletop.

  17. I really hope so! I'd love to even just have prints of those cards with the character stats.

  18. Fun ride, but beware if you are susceptible to motion sickness. I enjoy all roller coasters, but the spinning on this one is on the verge of nausea inducing for me.

  19. This was my issue as well. Loved the ride, but did not love feeling wonky afterwards!

  20. Travis will be in Mexico with L.S. Dunes during this, so if anyone, Claudio MAY show up. I'd imagine they would at least promote that part too though, so it's probably just a cool listening experience with the tour visuals.

  21. That's basically only their fault for having their FIRST camping trip be that expensive. Some practice would've helped.

  22. Big up on Away We Go, Number City -> Gravity's Union -> Away We Go is probably my favorite 3 song series in Coheed's discography.

  23. It's right there with The Camper Velourium suite for me, and probably has the edge IMO. Just too good.

  24. If I really had to choose, I'd probably say that The Afterman: Descension is my favorite Coheed album. That may make people feel some kind of way, but I think the order of songs (and definitely the four you've mentioned) led me to listen to that album more than any others, and it's always stuck with me for that reason.

  25. I don’t see where he admitted to anything in that post.. not defending him but it seems like he pretty much said “I thought it was consensual and had no idea but I’m sorry you felt that way and I possibly caused it”

  26. True, but going off of the timing of his dismissal from the band, the sexual assault allegations would basically be what led to the alcohol problem becoming known.

  27. They also put off intervening with Matt’s substance abuse until it fucked with their show. They’re not new to this.

  28. It's honestly sad. If nothing ever came out against Tilian, and his problem was that bad after Tim's death, I truly hope that they would have recognized it either way and made sure he got help. Obviously the accusations played a major role, whether they choose to admit it or not, but at the very least, I hope he did find the healing that he needed.

  29. Me and Ryan used to joke on set about it being a cosmic gumbo.

  30. I've read this comment numerous times, and still have no idea what it means.

  31. I genuinely believe Thousand Mile Stare is one of the best records ever released in any genre. It's in my top 25 albums ever made by anyone. Perfect from start to finish

  32. Not just for the fact that the songs are bangers, but the production is insane. The guitar tone just crushes. I think even non-hardcore fans would be able to appreciate just how good that album is.

  33. Tickets and a hotel/airbnb for Adjacent festival. Then use the rest on a ton of more concerts spread out through the rest of the year. I'm not the biggest fan of the lineup for the cruise, but more power to ya if you are!

  34. I'll be at Adjacent as well! That ticket price was a tad painful, but I love the lineup.

  35. I actually haven't bought my tickets yet as I missed the Pre-sale by a half hour. I feel it's criminal of them to raise the price $110 for the regular on sale so my plan is to snag some last minute stubhub/miracle tickets, but I'm gonna go regardless. I already booked a hotel, but my friend is looking at alternatives.

  36. That price increase was ridiculous. I sat and waited for my spot in the queue for pre-sale, but didn't find out until AFTERWARDS that the page doesn't automatically refresh, and I completely missed out.

  37. I could have sworn Carol-Ann was the name of Sirius' ship that exploded when he reached the Keywork. Domino's spirit blew it up.

  38. His ship was named the Meriwell, after his wife. The theory is that Carol Ann is actually Meri's unborn daughter that was also killed in the crash.

  39. hell yeah. i recommend slope too

  40. Listening to Street Heat right now, and not sure how I totally missed these dudes. This album rips, and I love the funk fusion!

  41. Mindforce is one of my top hardcore bands going right now. Huge fan of everything they've released so far!

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