1. I’m not afraid of dying itself but never seeing the ones I love again

  2. Starting Danny Dimes over him, he looked good last week and can’t risk a dud in case The jags decide to sit him the second half

  3. Man, I need Dulchic to play... otherwise, I'm starting Everett and he dropped a 0 last week

  4. I need Dulcich as well. My league has a waiver limit and I hit that last week meaning I literally do not have a tight end if doesn’t play.

  5. Waiver limit in football? Lmao. Get that changed next year.

  6. Idk, I’m the commissioner too. When we started the league a few years back the limit was 20.(league wasn’t very active). Changed it to 30 this year(only 4 of us have hit that limit) and I’m def getting rid of it for next year.

  7. Idk… I think Kittle is top tier TE so OP kinda contradicted himself there.

  8. Real life Kittle is 100% a top tier guy. However, fantasy wise I think there’s only one Top tier tight end and that’s Kelce… you can make an argument for Kittle but I don’t consider him one from a fantasy standpoint

  9. Slightly different, there is another player in my league and I swear his tight end always goes off against me no matter who it is

  10. I feel the same way about waiver plug ins… no matter who my league mates pick up and start against me they go off.

  11. Started 1-4, had like a 20% chance of making playoffs and somehow squeaked in. The two teams I’ve beaten in playoffs so far were clearly better than mine. I’m just enjoying the ride and happy I made it this far

  12. It's so annoying to see this shit in every fucking post. "tHiS iS a xXxXx pOsT". Jesus Christ just stop

  13. Started Kyler and Pats D week 14. Won my matchup by 6…

  14. Big oooofff.. rather hear this news now tho

  15. Thank god. Not a Dolphins fan but as a huge football fan it would actually piss me off if they said Tua was good to go…. Health should always be the #1 priority

  16. And 3/4 as many TDs(9) in 4 games as Russ has bathrooms in his house (12) or Russ TDs(13) in 16 games

  17. The Jags game is meaningless too right? Would be crazy if Lawrence, ETN, and other Jags players are impacted as well.

  18. As a Henry owner this pains me. But thank you 👑 for getting me this far.

  19. How about me who got 4 hobby boxes and got no autographs and only 1 Julio base rookie…

  20. Damn, how’d you get a picture of my Black Friday hobby box??

  21. Need the Rams to Somehow destroy the broncos Defense

  22. Up by 20 with Dulcich and Evans to go against Brady, Rachaad White, Watson, and Broncos D

  23. As someone debating between Lawrence and Jones my decision is going to be decided based off how heavy the rain and wind are

  24. Evans, Tayler, Swift, Deebo, Mitchell, Toney, Pitts, Higbee, Chase, Waller, Kyler,ARob, Kupp, Stafford, Akers,Najee,Kamara,Javante Williams, Fournette, Brady, Elliott, Sutton, Dionte Johnson, dobbins, Gibson, C Edmunds, … to name a few😄

  25. Chase, Kupp, Javonte? I get the rest but why these guys?

  26. He has a terrible matchup and the weather is a concern but there’s no way we can bench him for the waiver wire fodder of the world is there?

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