1. Oh.. something goes in the sewer! You might be on to something..!

  2. I'm also struggling with vrouwen.

  3. Welke "stad" hebben we het over? Er zijn nog wel wat, best verschillende, in Overijssel. En over wat voor cultuur hebben we het hier? Als je blijft zoeken naar verschillen met mensen/buren/inwoners, kan je dat eens omdraaien, en kijken wat je met iemand of een groep, wél gemeen hebt.

  4. Or dying and then ressing with crypto drone

  5. Probably had nothing to do with the advent of high speed internet and online purchases..

  6. Why do people tell taste as fact..?

  7. Can we just get all the authoritarian, anti-women, religious zealots in one place? Take them from Russia, Iran, the US and everywhere else.

  8. Problem is.. they get kids. Who decides for them. Thats kind of whats happening in every revolution, young people want change

  9. No, it’s such a different thing.. the serotonin is depleted and takes days to replenish. When you take it again after a day of usage. You won’t get that happy feeling you are after..! Taking more? Won’t help just more side effects.

  10. Kinetic momentum on chest & combined arms on backpack. Also insync on my weapons

  11. Zijn er hier advocaten aanwezig toevallig? Ik heb altijd vermoed dat "weet niet" je beste/enige argument is in een rechtzaak, wanneer je overduidelijk schuldig bent. De kerel (25j) die mn vader heeft doodgereden had ook ineens geheugenverlies.

  12. Geen advocaat, maar ja.. Je bent onschuldig tot het tegendeel word bewezen.. Als je wat zegt als je schuldig bent wordt het dus of meineed(liegen onder ede) of de waarheid die jou zelf belast.. Wij hebben nog niet de mogelijkheid te zien of je iets bent vergeten of dat je liegt.. dus valt dat niet te bewijzen.. Als aanklager zul je dus hard aan het werk moeten om het tegendeel en het belastende te bewijzen!

  13. Medication is a great tool at our disposal! It is not a bad thing! If it helps your quality of live you should choose..

  14. I didn’t see the post you are referring to. But I do agree with you, you shouldn’t scare or judge or hold one experience as a example for all.. But I also think you shouldn’t thread light on medication use.. I see the downside of it everyday.

  15. Highly suggest you lower your Apocalypse Tier until you can murder him before that point, personally.

  16. The first time, I was fighting him i fought for 15 mins or so, what a blast to learn how to fight him! now killing him in 10 secs is quite underwhelming!

  17. Be warned, other builds seem absolete after this one..☺️

  18. Is that your YouTube channel? I just subscribed

  19. No it is not, he’s working together with NickTew a great varied build/content creator.. but in this one I liked the mod overview, screenshot those and you know what to look for. I saw NickTew also did that in some instances.. before i wrote all that stuff down, this is a lot easier

  20. Workout(win-win), subtitles and sometimes you can speed it up if it is a slow movie 1.3 is my favourite playspeed! before they sound like the chipmunks..

  21. It’s also very much synergy.. if you play alone with an auto reload blighted rounds for example, you kan verymuch interupt the others build..

  22. Is that it then, friends with Z900 have much much less distance from the edge to the wear of their tires. And sometimes my foot pegs nipples give me info that I'm about to hit the limit too

  23. Sure bike differs.. hight differs, pedals differs, tyres differs.. Don’t compare, do your thing!

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