1. It’s actually just what happens when you don’t selectively breed dogs. They all merge into one similar type dog. They’re generally referred to as village dogs, like the American village dog, African village dog, East Asian village dog etc. Some of the healthiest dogs you can get, genetically speaking

  2. This is what happened with cats! Most cats traveled the Silk Road and over time, bred into basically 1 type of cat. It’s why most cat DNA is incredibly similar! There are obviously exceptions, and those all came from controlled/selective breeding.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one!! It’s the one bra I own like one in. And never wear cause it hurts. And I haven’t thought about sizing up until now, I may just try and return if it’s bad.

  4. I am the same as the above!! I can’t size up because then it’s too big in the boobs but it’s just soooo tight in the ribcage. I’ve virtually entirely switched to athleta for bras since lulus are so unforgiving

  5. Welp I was totally wrong. Amber helped Angela give birth yesterday, to a baby girl. I’m just happy it seems they are both healthy

  6. So I follow amber, the chick Angela is living with. Amber has been posting the same view Angela has, even post move, and calling it “her own” house. Amber also said the house lost power about 2 days ago so she has been staying with her mother in town since. She has not shown or interacted w Angela since pre-move.

  7. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B083XWDRNY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  8. I have the same and love it! Low profile/neutral

  9. lovelindsaymariee really has a lot to say about EMFs, cell towers, etc for someone who spends literally all day on her phone.

  10. Idk I’m still pretty convinced she’s just fucking with us and is just using a red filter

  11. Thank you for sharing. Maybe we should all start sharing our hometown stories on here. What do yall think?

  12. I like this idea. Maybe a weekly thread? I have one but the story itself isn’t terribly exciting, couldn’t really do a whole thread, but I would love to get the word out on my friends case because his family still has no answers. It’d be fun to discuss these sorts of cases in comments somewhere

  13. The witch is spewing some bs about autism and how we are being poisoned because we don‘t live like her.

  14. That post is frustrating and full of misinformation. The most glaringly obvious being that gene mutations do get passed down from parent to child. Like did she even take high school biology? 🥴

  15. Now Kristie Alley—an elderly woman with cancer—died bc she was "speaking out against pedophilia?"

  16. She and Lindsay are just straight up posting qanon conspiracies now. I’m watching into the storm for the first time and their posts are literally word for word Q messaging…. Ugh.

  17. If it makes you feel any better that how I am with the unexpected cheddar cheese spread

  18. I would describe it as similar to a sharp pub cheese dip. It’s delicious

  19. Dotty would have been 13 in February. She started having heart issues 6 months ago. The hardest part was watching her suffer the past couple of weeks. Today, she had the two injections to put her to sleep. She slowly tipped over and laid down, moments later her heart slowed, all the while we stared into each others eyes while I told her over and over how good of a girl she is. I am broken.

  20. I’m so sorry OP ❤️ I lost my 13 yr old cockapoo to the same disease. Just know you made the right choice, heart disease is a slow painful death and your choice made the end of your best friends life that much better. She will be with you in your heart and happy memories always ❤️

  21. Oof reading the website name written out like that makes me realize it totally sounds like a porn site lol

  22. I have spent all day reporting her crazy shit. I have never seen someone so unhinged. Imagine thinking you’re so smart that you’re discovering the worlds greatest cover-up…. Just pure Narcissism.

  23. Totally agree. I live between three Taco Bell’s and 1 has the worlds slowest drive thru but makes great food, 1 always has slightly cold food, and 1 is usually fast and everything is hot.

  24. You really shouldn’t smoke cigarettes. I’ve heard of pot being used to treat severe morning sickness but I wouldn’t keep using it recreationally

  25. And in that case, I believe it’s advised in edible form only.

  26. Have you gotten any paint correction / ceramic coatings done? Im on the fence about doing it to my 15. I think she’ll last another 5 years with me so I feel like it might be worth it

  27. i’ll also take any good spf recommendations for acne prone skin. I’ve used the la roche posay liquid one(idk the name) i’m not sure if my skin liked it or not

  28. I’ve had better success with zinc-based sunscreens as I’m highly acne prone (and chemical sunscreens also irritate my rosacea).

  29. I’m in a similar boat! I recently used a face mask that caused a flare up for a week. I usually stick strictly to dr jart tiger grass products, skin fix foaming cleanser, and belif moisturizing bomb cream. The second I deviate from those categories I regret it :(

  30. I definitely see a difference! Your face and stomach have definitely changed.

  31. And only 9 weeks!! Amazing progress for this short period of time :)

  32. I've seen people do two weeks and give up and it breaks my heart. I remember when my anxiety was super bad when I started and it got worse. When it kicked in, the feeling of normality was so foreign to me. I cried. Going from black to white has been life changing for me.

  33. Here to second this. Mine didn’t resolve until sometime between weeks 4-6. After week 6 my life was completely changed! I can’t believe how much less anxious and more emotionally stable I am now. It’s frustrating that so many doctors don’t communicate how long the adjustment period is. Hang in there OP :)

  34. And we wonder why lil S is sick 🙄

  35. Hi. We need to believe victims. 2 things can be true. Billy abused his power and is guilty of the misconduct and sexual harassment previously exposed. Billy decided to get help with intensive treatment. Choosing to do so does NOT negate his abhorrent actions.

  36. Well said. Reading the rolling stone article was eye-opening. This aggressive behavior has been his norm for years and should not be tolerated

  37. Hex is such a good song and the perfect tempo for a 3mph walk with my stride.

  38. I play it to amp myself up the last 4 minutes driving into work. It’s great for that too

  39. Same, I'm almost 30 as well , I have my own place with a full time job and getting my masters degree and my mom still asks me "are you going to be warm enough?" It's called love. You never stop being a parent.

  40. For real. If anything were to go south in my life, my mom would be there immediately to help me in any way possible. this thread is also making me realize I don’t tell her how much I appreciate her enough. Not everyone gets blessed with loving and supportive mothers ❤️

  41. Glad to hear y'all got good moms lol. Warms my heart to hear that not everyone's mom sucks like mine and there's some really good moms out there.

  42. I’m sorry yours sucks 😩 I hope you find solid maternal/guiding figures in life - family doesn’t mean biological relation ❤️

  43. I’ll say this. I’ve never been as big as I am now, about a year on Prozac. I’m 5’4 and ~220. I’ve never felt better. You may be afraid of gaining weight now, but once you’re happy, you’ll realize how little it actually matters.

  44. Same. I gained 15 lbs after starting, but it was because my anxiety (that was preventing me from eating) disappeared. I used to literally only think about my body and how I looked 24/7. It’s so wonderful to just be content now

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