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  1. But you could say the same thing about the USA based on Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam

  2. That's not true at all. If the only goal of the United States was to destroy the Afghani or Vietnam government and leave, then we would have won quite easily. However, we tried to "nation build" and "bring democracy' to those nations.

  3. We absolutely destroyed the Iraqis in major combat it’s just the Bush admin had not planned anything beyond the end of major combat ops.

  4. Yeah that's true, and Iraq had a pretty good air defense system and a large army. They were defeated within a week.

  5. I don't want to watch anymore. It's challenging because I love the shield and I bleed silver and black. Millions of bettors know NFL is fixed but why would that stop them from betting? They understand the storylines the league is pushing is a huge part of the

  6. LMAO. Seriously, thanks for making me laugh.

  7. If you really think it's scripted, then why are you still watching and caring about the sport?

  8. He's a coach but he doesn't do anything on game day, he's like an athletic trainer or something

  9. If you are talking about Sean McVay, then you literally just said one of the dumbest things I've ever read on Reddit, and that's saying quite a lot.

  10. They're talking about the guy pulling him back. You know, the strength and conditioning coach for the Rams at the time?

  11. That's why I qualified my statement you dumb bitch

  12. I am literally just explaining what this particular ranking is about.

  13. Name a journalist that has been killed in the US. Go ahead genius.

  14. Meh, Freedom of Press Is in italian constitution too, still...

  15. The constitution of Italy was created about 150 years after the US constitution. So, what I said stands.

  16. Is this like that I could take 10 guys at once meme where it’s either in a fight or in bed

  17. What?! But why? I mean, I am 5'10" and weigh about 150 lbs soaked and wet. But, I have a lot of moxy.

  18. I'm not saying I hope she dies a painful, agonizing death. That would be cruel and mean.

  19. it would be really nice if people would stop signal-boosting what this dumb twat has to say

  20. I wonder how well one could argue that they threw someone off a 3rd story balcony without the intent to harm/kill them?

  21. These people seem a lot like my friend group back when I was a teenager and were really into CKY and Jackass. We would do dumb stuff like this all the time to each other, though nothing this serious.

  22. "It looks consistent" oh okay then.

  23. Yeah, there's no way I would trust one of those filters for a riding mower, much less a car worth tens of thousands of dollars.

  24. Not just skill, but more importantly the perseverance required to keep doing it over and over again.

  25. Casey Anthony was actually attractive (minus being a child murderer), and she was actually really articulate. I listened to hours and hours of her interrogations, and she was actually pretty smart. Obviously she's a piece of shit, but I wouldn't compare her to Richard Ramirez.

  26. Its fun WHEN you don't know its rigged, not so fun when you realise its millionaires playing ball to keep the high cash flow.

  27. Oh, you should tell that to the people who bet millions of dollars on football, basketball, and baseball.

  28. I can see that being the case for pro wrestling, but not for a sport like baseball or football.

  29. You wash your hands every time you touch your pets? That's strange, but okay.

  30. Cute! But I'm constantly amazed when people let cats on their kitchen counters 😬 They dig around in litter boxes!

  31. True, but they also lick their entire body. So if you ever touch your cat, then what's the difference?

  32. This was the logical outcome. I know that if I really thought the system was rigged, I would feel like a jackass for wasting my time voting.


  34. Maybe he was just trying to come up with a logical explanation as to why he didn't want to do it, but didn't want to seem lame for not giving into peer-pressure.

  35. This is just a person who likes to be super edgy, and it doesn't really matter what the ideology is.

  36. Who's crying? I haven't had a chance to see what people are saying

  37. Based on his crimes it's not enought to even consider that a factor in any regard. In all honesty he probably should have been executed a long time ago but we've been holding on to him for an exchange trade just like this and instead of us using his notoriety an "power" to force a good trade in stead we squandered it.

  38. Executed? Is conspiracy to commit murder a capital offense?

  39. His old contacts are likely long gone. Either dead or imprisoned. I was only saying that him having already done so much time is a mitigating factor. It's not like he was just caught and convicted this year or something.

  40. Very cool photo, although not really pareidolia material

  41. I'm happy for her, but there's no question that fame and other pressures led to this

  42. I don't think this is as black and white as people make it seem. It's great that she's free now, but Russia did get a horrible person back to them. This also might push Russia to continue imprisoning Americans in hopes of a transaction. There are still more innocent people stuck in Russian prisons that shouldn't be there. Sadly, I think the only way to ever get them out would be to continue with transactions that are greatly in Russia's favor.

  43. Keep in mind that he did do over a decade in prison.

  44. I’m going to ask this every time the ADA gets bought up as some shining beacon of how things should be done until I get an answer… why after 32 years does the USA still print currency that isn’t accommodating to blind people?

  45. Damn, Redditors just couldn't let the US have even one W

  46. The GOP massively underperformed in the 2022 election. Everybody with a brain knows this.

  47. Left wingers have been already spreading baseless, hate filled conspiracy theories.

  48. Working in the energy/utility industry this kinda has me nervous how much they are talking how a few bullets could cripple utilities. Like we know this but the average moron doesn’t. Now they do.

  49. We need to invest billions into our energy grid to make it more robust. Not just for terrorists, but a decent sized CME is going to hit eventually.

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