1. Not at all surprised, it is Louisiana after all

  2. Once you remember the Alamo that is all there is to tx history

  3. Sorry your dad was a weirdo, people make their own choice like you. But it is a choice that’s the important part.

  4. True story. I chuckle to myself about it now because most of the lights in my house are smart bulbs and when my kid leaves the light on I just tell Alexa to turn it off. I don’t have to have an aneurysm about it or even get up. Ahh progress. I do still get to yell at them for leaving the damn door open, it’s freezing outside.

  5. “You’re letting the bought air out!”

  6. "This house contains items that are easily sold on the black market!"

  7. 8 states still have the emergency declaration. It's sad to see Texas alongside California in extending this. I'm sure each governor has their own excuse as to why it's needed.

  8. You do realize this has nothing to do with Covid.

  9. Watching videos from New York and the rest of the country it was pretty clear that lots of cops around the country used the 2020 protests as an excuse to riot and instigate violence.

  10. When I see comments like this, the impression that I get is that it's the commentor who is trapped by his/her views of race and identity and ignorance on the subject.

  11. YESSSS I remember getting the order form and flyer at school and that always made my day. I used to rush home and take my time going through each and every book; even the French ones and I didn't even know French at the time. I was rarely able to order any books (we was poor!) but the one book I did remember being able to order (after hours of begging my parents) was called Herself the Elf.

  12. Some, I have such fond memories of the forms and getting the books.

  13. If you're competent enough to use a gun, you're competent enough to stand trial.

  14. So does that mean you think the 6 year old in Virginia should stand trial?

  15. Dehumanization is a key step in the path towards attrocity.

  16. And right now we have conservative politicians and media working to dehumanize members of the LGBTQ+ community, with a vicious focus on transgendered people.

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