1. You legitimately cut off the rest of that quote to misinterpret it.

  2. Does the rest of the sentence say producers do exchange their products?

  3. Under Communism, you will be able to downvote as many times as you want, comrade. It will be a downvoters paradise.

  4. No genocide includes the cultural destruction not just elimination for example Black folx in america destroy the culture to weaken the group

  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genocide

  6. Find the black person here.

  7. They had no private companies in the Soviet Union. It was Socialism.

  8. Marx the economist--well, Marx the economist had six big things to say, some of which are very valuable even today across more than a century and a half, and some of which are not. I would call them the three goods and the three bads:

  9. Witten! Witten is amazing (even though I'm personally dubious about string theory, haha, though I also concede I haven't studied the full theory). I had no idea he'd made this commentary. Thanks so much for linking it.

  10. I don't see the problem as long as the animals consent.

  11. Do you have any video of him calling for the extermination of the Jews and the enslavement of the Slavs, or the elimination of democracy in favor of one-man dictatorship? Or do you not have a clue what a Nazi even is?

  12. You already know what consciousness is. No definition is possible nor needed. It is certain that LLMs don't have it. They are just abstract objects. Or do you think the first "Hello World" program you wrote is conscious too?

  13. I know you’re purposely being snarky, but there’s an entire field around the potential for everything to be conscious . It’s called panpsychism.

  14. No, this is where workers' self-management comes into play. Cooperatives/worker collectives would be managed by the individual workers when it comes to HOW they operate things. For example, whether they work standing up or sitting down would probably not be decided by society/the community because they are not affected by it and because they probably don't have the required know how to make an informed decision.

  15. https://i.imgur.com/Gw3zzoG.png

  16. Bitcoin couldn't exist without government. Gangs would show up at your hovel and kill you after torturing your bitcoins out of you. Then they would play baseball with your severed head. What world did you think you were living in?

  17. You were banned for posting here, not for your comment. You shouldn't have to, but just create a new account for posting there.

  18. What do you think “In the first place” means? Do you think this is an exhaustive definition?

  19. https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Commodity

  20. A work of Michelangelo is not a commodity, as Marxists have explained numerous times on this subreddit. A commodity is something that can be mass produced.

  21. Do you think "people on Google" is how we're finding things? Are you actually fucking serious, or do you literally not even understand how Google works?

  22. Sigh. A wheel bearing over heating is an effect not a cause. They have videos of burning boxcars. Do you think the accident was caused by burning boxcars? What caused the bearings to overheat?

  23. Trying this again because I think I still have some point here:

  24. Yeah actually it is differentiated in the law. Assault with a deadly weapon.

  25. The mods of this sub should autoban anyone who posts to

  26. Then you already know the answer.

  27. They weren't buying your bullshit. They knew that what you really meant by "they can be treated as such and with respect and dignity" was "I hate trans women and black people and indigenous people and am a white supremacist".

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