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  1. My own parents would say it too to be honest.

  2. If she's into jewelry get her that. A hijab pin can easily get lost and we're a sentimental lot....it'll be upsetting to lose the gift. Or you could get both...

  3. The issue is Ive given her so much jewelry and she wears the same all the time, so Im trying to be smart about it and give her a nice pin. I see your point though, now Im trying to find out if there are some types that comes with a lock of some sort

  4. It's the thought that counts...so go for it.

  5. The way things are, it won't continue for long. I would seriously suggest contacting haleh banani....she is a Muslim marital counselor. She has a Facebook page as well....and I truly believe she can help you both navigate your life better.

  6. You find a like minded person. I know a few women who would rather not have kids.

  7. OP, write out what your parents did to you in a group chat, including with your parents and Chris. Write what you went through. Or just put this link to your post in the group chat and let it be. You owe them nothing, but it’s not okay for them to put you in the spot in front of family who probably have no clue how you were truly treated. They may even just think you’re spiteful because they adopted Chris, not that you’re upset because they abandoned you post high school graduation.

  8. Totally agree. Do the parents even know? Did your parents know you were starving?

  9. Silence is emotional abuse. They just don't get it.

  10. May Allah make the rest of your journey easy for you. Hugs to you stranger! I pray that you find good and kind people in your life, amen

  11. Satan is going to try his hardest to stop you...and try to fil you with doubts. Keep asking God to guide you to the truth, and hopefully you do embrace Islam Islam inshallah

  12. I lost my first baby when I was 6 months pregnant. Then I had my technically oldest. Like clockwork the day before I found out I was pregnant he would tell me he would like a sibling. He said he would like a brother and I find out I'm pregnant the next day and have a son. I really wanted a girl...so tried for another baby. He says mom, I think me and my brother should get another brother. And I'm like don't you want a sister? He's like nope, I want a brother. Find out I'm pregnant and it's another boy.

  13. Seriously? Only some one who knows the brand would know this is a 14,000 thing....everyone else will think your grandma gifted something from the thrift store. I don't get these high fashion stuff...

  14. Sounds good. There enough aluminum in this theory to make it sound true.

  15. Seriously, if “this bad comedy joke” was over a year ago then why is he still bringing it up. This is insanely bullish. Dude knows he’s fucked and has no more room to squirm. We are near the endgame bois!

  16. I've been hearing endgame for the past two years now....can they puhleeeease just end it now? I want ma money

  17. Stupid people really think he was doing shit to kids...your all blind and believe everything.

  18. I watched a full documentary that was an interview of his maid. Eye opening

  19. When I first started working many years ago, I knew I was bad at meeting people so I bought a real nice quarter candy machine and set it to not take money to get candy. I filled it with a bunch of different candies, jelly bean, M&M’s or something people would enjoy. At first not many people used it but after a while people started to ask if it was free and grabbed a hand full after I said it was ok. I met a few new faces so I was happy and most were good about it. But then the office twat came along. He found out I had it and would wait till I left for the day and he would crank out fist fulls of candy. I was going through bags of candy in a day and I was nope, fuck this. I started to put it away at the end of the day and lock it up. Then he would come every time I left my desk, so I started putting it away whenever I left my desk. Still I would forget if I was in a rush and come back to half a machine missing. I wasn’t confrontational and he was known as the office asshole and I should just avoid him. So I started stocking different candies, I even bought joke jelly beens, you know the ones with the vomit or curdled milk flavoring. But he still ate it. I finally just gave up and took it home. I couldn’t afford it anymore.

  20. For the past two years it feels like that truck crashing meme....that feels so inevitable....but yet still hasn't crashed. I hope when it does happen I go to bed with gme at 20 and wake up to it trading at 50,000

  21. I’ll never forget the one time I had a legitimate lucid dream where the ticker hit a billion dollars. Wouldn’t mind waking up to that either

  22. Oh the agony of waking up to ...checks...still 20

  23. I think cuz it's going to be game over soon and they would like to point out to the general population that they knew all along and completely ignore the don't buy gme news.

  24. Freeze a spread of nutella and/or cookie butter on a baking sheet. Once it’s frozen, put the frozen layer on top of half the batter in the pan, then cover with the remaining batter. Since it’s frozen, it’ll turn into a nice gooey layer while your brownies bake in the oven.

  25. 14 is not too young. Go ahead and ask whatever you want from us, read the Quran's translation and as many proper books. And I hope that God can guide you to the truth, ameen

  26. You should have a serious talk with her. Explain what your expectations are from her otherwise you don't want to stay in a marriage with her. The ball will be in her court whether she is serious about this relationship.

  27. I'm sorry, but I would have talked to that boy right there and then and said it's not okay!

  28. I have mentioned his obligations however he keeps using the excuse of “the economy is really bad, in this day and age living on one pay cheque isn’t possible” alongside “you need to be supportive” “you’re not supporting me at all”

  29. I feel like it's so easy to say leave him online...but another thing in real life. I can understand what your husband is saying....but islamically you don't need to contribute any money at all.

  30. What’s your secret? I’m looking to get married and need to find someone asaptually

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