1. Had them on Gnome on xorg, switched to Wayland & they were gone

  2. How good/bad is jean with BrCTP-Authority in GBR-Dormamu?

  3. In my case I just had to disable secure boot in BIOS settings

  4. Sometimes the 'latest' files don't match up and the nvidia stuff doesn't work with the 'latest' kernel. It's usually ok... but sometimes, it's not ok.

  5. output of cat /var/cache/akmods/nvidia/.last.log

  6. u need minimal + common Network Manager submodule for bare minimum & u can add standard if u need additional common utility

  7. Blackbolt or thor? which one is better for GBR?

  8. Oh, you want progress of an entire playlist? No, yt-dlp doesnt work that way.

  9. if it show which no. of playlist video it is downloading with -q -progress. (eg. 3 of 30)

  10. which T4 should i choose for GBR? Thor or other combet? Already have T4 IronMan.

  11. looking for an app that log IP access by an app to block that on router at central level. checked the glasswire, it's a firewall& data moniter. not what I'm looking for

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