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  1. Zdej se lahko usi trije Slovenci v temu subu spoznamo

  2. I dunno about it, but the door selection of Anomalie is really bad. They overfill the club and they let in basically everyone.

  3. disagree, been there a couple times over last 2 yrs and was always a good rave, especially Disconnekt

  4. Obstaja tudi odlicna virtualna implementacija, ce ti to olajsa iskanje nasprotnikov:)

  5. Ko sm nazadnje igral je blo vse zastonj, vkljucujoc vse extensione, pomojem je se vedno.

  6. Lepo narejeno. Ampak me nekaj zmoti - število občin je definitivno preveliko :)

  7. Morajo politicarji umetno ustvarjat sluzbe za svoje podanike, takle mamo.

  8. Spent my erasmus year in KN, best year of my life still 5 years later.

  9. contemporary, but id say Alfa Mist is a good entry

  10. stari pregovor pravi: "ce ze ni za nic dobrega dober, pa naj gre na posto ali zeleznico"

  11. I saw the OLED on sale for 500 off so I sprung for it. Hope it’s still good

  12. Hey, I am currently deciding between FHD/OLED myself. How is the battery life with OLED for you?

  13. Maybe even better actually. I just checked, it took almost 2 hours to go down to 80% watching Netflix on full brightness. So maybe 10 hours. It’s worth it. I also watch everything on full settings.

  14. Sounds pretty good actually, thanks!:)

  15. imagine everyone with high end headphones living there and the bar had high end headphones everywhere......... with... alot of weed

  16. I feel like we could be friends.

  17. I have the same, but acquired it before the coffee hobby haha.

  18. I have C2 and achieved nice results with 14-16 clicks, Hoffman technique and dark roast. I think 8 clicks is really overdoing it with AeroPress, but perhaps depends on the coffee indeed.

  19. ah this brings me back... my ex gf used to have this on vinyl...smokey afternoons in Berlin

  20. It's literally the electronic album of the year, someone who has never heard this album, SNAG THAT CODE!

  21. I would consider Skee Mask - Compro to be in my top3 albums ever and I bought Pool on vinyl as soon as it came out. It's pretty great, but does not achieve the level of Compro and I would dare say there were some more memorable releases this year.

  22. it's amazing to see how many people smoke here, it's like going back in time to the '50s when dentists smoke for teeth health.

  23. decadence over rationality of healthy living

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