1. Genuine question: what is the point of karma farming?

  2. I'll tell you what I would do...focus so hard on getting shape that I'd miss the two ball.

  3. If you say Breaking Bad, please delete yourself

  4. Reading number 4 and I can't help but think of the guy who tried dirty talk after his partner told him to and the best line he came up with was "yea, you like that you fucking retard?" Paraphrasing of course.

  5. The only thing I wanna talk about from this play is why Minshew basically stood up right after the snap. Gotta know to keep the pad level low and drive forward. Worst case scenario you at least make it harder for the officials to tell where the ball ends up, best case scenario you end up 2 yards forward with a first down. Just poor execution.

  6. Fussy, in this context as a synonym to picky, is definitely used in the US, at least in the northeast.

  7. Could it possibly be a generational thing? I'm from northeastern US and almost never hear "fussy" used. "Picky" is more commonly heard in my day to day life

  8. I trust whatever Stoutland decides. My, non-expert, opinion is that we leave Driscoll. Dillard has been getting reps at G and may finally be finding a place there. Not sure moving him back to T would be beneficial. Lastly, LT is the most important spot on the line, Mailata has done well all season long. I'd rather take the hit at RT than move him over and bring in a backup at LT.

  9. Leaving out the result of this year, if he can continue to play at this level for years to come and win a SB, or at least make one, in that time frame, then yes. Hate to bring up a sore subject but we saw 2017 Wentz light up the league and now look at him. As a Philadelphia fan we know better than to jump the gun on anything.

  10. Pool hall that I play at has the Andy 588 on their Diamond tables and I think it plays very well. Definitely good for the price.

  11. I'll be honest, I was way too annoyed at how whiny Tyr was to even think about anything else. Guess I was hoping combining the God's of War from 2 mythologies was gonna make for some badges fight scenes. They fooled me

  12. Yes but the bills are reportedly having logistical issues getting out of the city.

  13. Does anyone know why tf they didn't get out the day before the snow storm if they knew it was coming like everyone else did?

  14. Someone posted this end circle on reddit a week or so ago. Was telling my friends about it and then it happened to us in ranked. Hope they take this circle rotation out of the mix.

  15. My local tournament has been doing this for some time now. Pot is currently up over $6k. Its awesome, because even a lower skill level player like me can get lucky and get 1 or 2 on the break and take home good money

  16. Wizard Of Odds. Has a section that is specifically designed to help you practice card counting. You can also set it to warn you on strategy errors as well which is what I use it for.

  17. Hey. Tell your friend to never go to an important Phillies game again. Thanks.

  18. That is awesome! I hope some day in the future I can reach that SL as well! Made it to a 4 in 9-Ball in my 2nd session then was told by my team I'm "no good to them as a 4" and was asked to sandbag. Left them and haven't been able to find a 9-Ball team since. Just play TAP 8-Ball in my local league now. Any advice for working my way up? You must've been doing something right!

  19. StubHub is the cheapest I've found so far. Down to $665/ea (before fees) for nosebleeds.

  20. All NO and ARI players in my league showing up as on a BYE on ESPN. Would assume they'll recognize and fix the issue.

  21. This is my first time ever playing this mode so I just flew off the map as we dropped in. Had tons of fun messing around as a zombie

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