1. La neta ¿Qué tanto participan en operaciones con el INM? Cuando las publicitan como rescates a migrantes sí son verdaderos rescates o en realidad son detenciones (y deportaciones) disfrazadas?

  2. En casos así (que me imagino mucho tiene que ver la trata de personas) la sedena los apoyaba o solo se lo aventaban ustedes?

  3. Someone needs to lock that man in a dungeon and never let him out. I've lost all respect for the people that worked and endorsed that horrible film (I'm watching you Ana de Armas) but this man... This man shouldn't be allowed to speak about Marilyn.

  4. Oh no, I used to watch A LOT his videos when I was younger, now that I'm older they seem so meh.

  5. The second looks amazing on you! Especially the shirt, it enhances the shape of your shoulders and gives you a relaxed yet elegant look.

  6. Same here, I was astounded when I discovered that some people didn't like it, personally I think it showcases more range within the genre, their vocals have very much improved and maybe it's me but I simply don't care if an album sounds "dated".

  7. Listen, I truly love her, I've been a fan since day 1 but it's okay to hold your favs accountable. Maybe she wasn't in all those flights but it's still her jet, she's still responsible.

  8. This doesn't even make sense to me, it's so weird. If she had already said she liked Joseph, why on earth would she react like this? Doja is super talented and it's very sad to see her now, she's clearly not in a good place and that's why we always see her getting so defensive over silly things (I'm not excusing her behavior towards a teenager but I'm trying to understand), it's not the first time and without help it certainly won't be the last.

  9. But that’s what Lori is doing whether it’s intentional or not, there are ppl in her audience who do harass the celebs. And then there’s ppl who watch her videos in an attempt to provide “proof” to justify their harassment. You can’t call Doja out for sending rabid stans out but not Lori. And if Doja doesn’t want to share her plastic surgery, that’s her business. It isn’t the publics business, she isn’t selling anything that refers to her face. So like who cares? Why does it matter?

  10. I respectfully disagree, Lorry tries to destigmatize beauty surgeries, she always states in her videos that is not something to be ashamed of and that it must be spoken more often, she never body shames, what people do with the information she provides is not her fault, her intentions are educational (come on there's a lot of emotional and psychological problems that beauty standards generate, and celebrities who have these perfect bodies are sometimes the source of them) Doja's responde was violent, she didn't have enough context she just jumped and insulted Lorry. Let's have in mind that Doja's media power is NOT THE SAME as Lorry's, she didn't care about that. I absolutely love Doja's public persona and music but in this case I don't think her actions were correct. (Sorry if there are mistakes, English is not my first language)

  11. I disagree (respectfully) with everything you stated! If you believe that what others do w Lori’s video isn’t her business then what others do w Doja’s video isn’t her business. Also, if Doja was selling things based on her face or body like the Kardashians then I’d understand the whole “destigmatize” beauty surgeries but if a celeb doesn’t want to speak about it, it is morally wrong to try and twist their hands or in a way out it. They don’t have to speak about it, other ppls insecurities are not their responsibility (unless they make money off that shit like the Kardashians). But if they aren’t selling or profiting, it isn’t our damn business. They have a right to privacy and to never share. “Educational” or not. Dojas response wasn’t violent at all, u don’t get to offend ppl (whether u agree w the offense or not is irrelevant. Doja was offended, end of story) and then try to control their reaction. And then try to say it was “violent”. I’m noticing a bunch of specific keywords that are being used to describe Doja that I don’t believe would be used to describe a white woman. Flat out i am saying that. And your english is fine

  12. While I agree with the fact that she has the right to defend herself (I never said she didn't) I still believe calling Lorry a bitch and mocking her physical appearance was something violent, celebrities make money off their bodies (even if Doja is an amazing musician you know she capitalizes her image). I don't agree with people calling Doja negative things just for the sake of it or using this to be misogynistic or racist, that is NEVER correct, but saying her response was violent and explaining why we think that has nothing to do with her skin color.

  13. Definitely 9, you look gorgeous! Btw, you look a loooot like Marissa Von Bleicken.

  14. A house. Like, not even a big one, just a place I can call home.

  15. "Dear, sweet Littlefoot… do you remember the way to the Great Valley?"

  16. Sometimes I feel so alone, it's hard to understand people. It seems like they have a book with rules that you just don't have or that you forgot to read. When you are in a dark place life becomes a stage so you have to act as if you were the most normal and functional person that ever stepped in this world. It never stops spinning, it's exhausting.

  17. I reported it, because even if it's a joke as others here are convinced of, it has no place on any platform. I feel the same about sexist/racist jokes as well. It's simply not funny and gives the signal to these "edgelord" children that it's acceptable behavior.

  18. Exactly, thank you. Even if it's a "joke" it can be pretty harmful for children.

  19. I think the account is no longer available, however, I found some accounts with similar names, one is masteroogway111 the comments in one of their videos are alarming since they talk about having relationships with little girls (ages 7+).

  20. I didn't know sexual assault becomes a joke when it happens to a man. That's hypocritical, she was NOT joking.

  21. I’m getting “Error 1020 Access Denied”.

  22. I thought that experiencing horrible back pain and having uneven hips was normal, turns out I have scoliosis, my spine looks like an S with two curves (38° and 45°).

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