1. Should i buy and sell at the same time??

  2. Gathering lava and running real fast to your desk before it cooled down

  3. My head when I was a child and went to the Toys are us.

  4. Your imagination could help you becoming aDoctor Really good for memorisinf

  5. I actually want to be an art therapist, so you’re not far off!

  6. Oh no no no ... I played that game before..

  7. In both cases they are well fed eventually

  8. Oh ffs like if I dont have already enough kinks... Oh well here we go again

  9. People that dont read shit are kinda right

  10. A flotila of airplanes are on there way to that tribe with sweaty fat and greesy attractive men

  11. Mean while me a gamer sitting here and dont know what society wants me to be...

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