1. Thanks. I bought the Zoji. Haven't unboxed it yet.

  2. Thanks. I bought the Zoji. Haven't unboxed it yet.

  3. The central line was just an example. Greater than 50% of MSSA or MRSA bacteremia doesn’t have a “source” identified ever. In this case, the urine culture grew MRSA so presumably it was a UTI.

  4. Typically gram negative rods with flagella can ascend urinary tract. Staph has no limbs to craw so they hang out in our skin.

  5. This could have been a hit if it was Subaru Astrix with some more plastic cladding.

  6. I don't think they are safe in a crash (esp in highway speeds) but probably okay in big cities like NYC and Chicago. You can spend 3-4k more and get basic mazda3 or Corolla.

  7. When the car market cools and used Mazda/civics are cheaper, the resale value of your now new(then used) Corolla will also be lower than what it is now. Ultimately the differential in price will be the same or worse.

  8. Yeah I figured that I would just be swapping at that point, but someone pointed out I would be paying all the additional fees twice over etc etc

  9. In most states the taxes will be on the trade in differential so not exactly doubt, but still not economical as buying a car once and not trading within a year.

  10. You know this works. They go bankrupt and change name to Invision and start it as a new company

  11. I guess my point of this post is that I need all you car related smarty pants to tell me what I need to know! Lol

  12. Just get the Mazda 3 = Civic > Corolla > Elantra

  13. Hospital admin don't really care about all that - the salary is a relatively low cost in the scheme of their expenses. All the things that make midlevels horrible clinicians make them excellent revenue generators. They order all the imaging and labs available, chase down all the incedentolamas that they find, and consult every service for stable medical issues. All of this earns a ridiculous amount of revenue for the hospitals.

  14. This is not completely true. At least in inpatient environment it's bundled payment for DRG codes. Hospitals make same money so they want less consults, less imaging and hence low length of stay. More pt turnover brings more money.

  15. Isn't this also a billing issue in that positions can bill for their time and nurses cannot. And so a doctor's time is paid by the insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid ETC. Nurses unfortunately are just seen as staff and a big part of the staffing pie. And so many people have this dicey comparison of what nurses are worth to the big picture. Nurses are not given great benefits, are not allowed to take their vacations, among many other unfair practices. Until they can bill for their time in this crazy for-profit system, there's going to be an argument from upper management that they are too expensive to the bottom line. I support the strike and understand why they're doing it.

  16. Physicians don't get 100% of the charge. The hospital gives a small cut as wRVU after subtracting overhead (which includes hospital staff pay and hospital resource use).

  17. On the contrary, we have to deal with families of 95+ yr old demented pts who demand PEG tubes and will report to hospital administration if you talk about hospice.

  18. The 5th gen WRX is like the 3rd gen Eclipse.

  19. WrX-cross for the next generation?

  20. We’re leaning that way. I guess it’s the reliability factor that was making me hesitant. Our plan is to replace the one we keep in the next year or two. So if we keep the Mazda it will still have very low mileage since the EV will be primary vehicle.

  21. I think she’ll die on the table. I talked to her extensively about palliative care and hospice. She’s not ready for reality. She was pretty much independent before, so I don’t think she understands. But I have specialists telling me to transfer and a patient that says she wants the surgery, and in America my opinion doesn’t matter.

  22. If she wants to have everything done, then she needs to sign out AMA and go directly to a tertiary care ED

  23. How do I legally say that? I feel like it’s EMTALA violation to just straight up say it.

  24. You can't say it or document it legally. Usually the RN can tell the patient though we are working on a transfer the best solution is to sign out AMA to save their life/limb.

  25. For reference, I leased a cx-2018 top spec awd GT with PP with MSRP 33,335 in 2018 for 360 per month (0 down). Usually a great deal is monthly payment (excluding taxes and zero down) is around 1-1.2% of MSRP

  26. Why aren't you comparing with Silicon valley techbros who are making >500k before that age of 30 while working from home ? They've great jobs with great benefits, great lifestyle, no midlevel creep, no non-compete, vastly diverse job market with scope for incremental growth.

  27. I think it's relatively easy to match but very hard to get a job with IM background. Ppl from IM typically do it to get into CCM (if they didn't match)

  28. That grab handle is creepy/squeaky and is made of the cheapest flimsy plastic I've ever seen. Even my child's fisher price toys have better quality firm plastic.

  29. You see more patients, more procedures or work more days/shifts to get inflation pay raise. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like our service costs keeps up with inflation. Health systems and big employers subsidize pay raise because DRG payment have kept up with CPI but physician RVUs have lost 20% value in the last 2 decades. Another factor is employers are using NP/PA to save cost and pass some of those savings which makes it seem like physician pay is climbing.

  30. First and foremost he is a business man. He knows he can make more money catering to midlevels and other non-physician white coats. Same with Zdogg MD.

  31. Medicare has proposed 4% cut in RVU reimbursement when inflation is reaching 10%. I don't know how private docs will be able to cover their overhead with this reimbursement model.

  32. Very true. Medicare has proposed 4% cut in RVU reimbursement when inflation is reaching 10%. I don't know how private docs will be able to cover their overhead with this reimbursement model. I'm guessing CMS wants to indirectly abolish private practice and want all pRoViDeRs to be employed

  33. MSRP for the 2022 version of my car is up only 8.3% after 5 years, but I’m seeing used asking prices at almost $30K (+30%). I was eligible for $2K in rebates which basically covered taxes and fees but today’s incentive is down to $250. My CU now charges 3% for a 4-year loan, up from the 2% I paid. My car’s been pretty reliable so far, hoping it lasts until the market returns to sanity.

  34. How much did you pay OTD (before TTL) for your Elantra sport ?

  35. With incentives, $19,345. 6MT without any options, just a "cargo kit" installed by the dealer which consisted of a net and hooks in my trunk.

  36. Oh I see my 2021 N-line 6mt was 25k with 0% apr

  37. I would say ID is still better than nephrology.

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