1. I am just such a huge fan of his Bengals jersey line. This jersey I’m wearing, it’s a studded leather jersey from bengals.com

  2. Joe is not a "mini Tom Brady" Tony Romo you idiotic simpleton. He's JOSEPH DANIEL BURROW our lord and savior

  3. I think you’re getting your Cincinnati Joeys middle names mixed up there

  4. Prices should be the same statewide. Why the fuck do you get those prices when it’s 160 for 14g around Dayton and Springfield. What dispensaries are you getting this from? I’d like to see how far away these deals are

  5. That really sucks, I didn’t realize it wasn’t widely available and definitely wasn’t trying to gloat or anything. I’m not shopping at Amplify but these prices seem to be common at different dispos in my area

  6. Sorry I’m not blaming you for anything. It’s hard to convey anger online and not look like an asshole lol. It’s just dumb that prices are so wildly different from the same brand within like 50 miles of each other. Ohio is the problem

  7. When looking at EDLC, Larkin and Concepcion as prospects EDLC has the best minor league numbers of the three.

  8. Damn that’s crazy. It’s hard to temper excitement when you put it like that

  9. He hasn't been identified afaik. This happened in Ohio and was posted in a couple local subreddits by the guy who was kicked

  10. That's literally assault. Take his tag and provide it to the cops along with this video.

  11. This happened in Ohio and it was posted on some local subreddits but I don't think the guy has been found yet. Pretty sure the guy who was actually kicked posted it first in one of those subs

  12. How ? He was the bully that stood up to the bully? Literally changed the mindset in the locker room that Shitsburg is just another team.

  13. He lost us a playoff game against the Steelers, it’s unforgivable how he did. I’ll always hate Burfict and anyone that intentionally tries to injure people.

  14. Thank you. I don’t agree he’s the reason they lost that game but I will always hate him as a bengal for trying to hurt people after the whistle

  15. He intentionally tried to hurt players after the whistle. Fuck him.

  16. Just think of all the money they’re gonna make from revenue sharing by NOT doing anything!

  17. I'm pretty sad I looked into that. I'm seeing the avg team payroll is 100m, which is pretty much what each team gets from revenue sharing. Reds projected payroll in 2023 is 46.5m. I hate this fucking team. But I also love it godammit.

  18. Its actually able to play up to 120fps as well if you have a tv/monitor capable of that. its pretty awesome for this type of game

  19. Oh him? Ah, that's just how he says hello. Ask David Long of the Titans last week, he can vouch.

  20. Just in case someone missed it, it needs a repost

  21. Holy fuck that’s satisfying! Pratt is a monster!

  22. Have you seen Black Bird? He is great in it.

  23. He was uncomfortably great in it. Need more of him

  24. Reading comments like these is bonkers, I've had ONE crash and I've been playing a lot since release on Friday. I've seen the FPS drops people mention but they aren't game breaking at all. It's got some jank but the fun I'm having steamrolls that imo

  25. I didn't say it was game breaking just annoying.

  26. I was more talking about the restarting the game when getting too close to a town. Sorry I meant to point out that everyones technical issues seem to be all over the place. I've read there could be a memory leak which could be causing these issues where a restart is required.

  27. I’ve never liked burfict, I always get downvoted when I say that, but he’s more than just a dirty player, he’s violent, felt like he was really trying to hurt people, and I don’t want to see that on the field. Also, the Steelers are dirty as hell, fts.

  28. Exactly man. I hate youre getting downvoted for this but it's so true. Burfict was caught MULTIPLE times trying to twist ankles/legs after the tackle and the player was already down. There is clear video evidence of him doing it to Cam. I can't stand when Bengals fans try to defend him. Fuck him, trying to end careers

  29. Agreed. To me, it looks like they designed the body and head separately and then just put them together. The size and perspective feels off.

  30. I’ve always wanted to say something every time a post like this pops up but never did. Today I was going to break my silence but then find you guys. Good stuff. And yes this logo most definitely looks like the head and body are smashed together and I hate it.

  31. Daytime running lights don’t normally light up the rear lights though do they?

  32. You should try opening your eyes then?

  33. I was initially on board with you but I can't seem to see the third brake light lit up in the rear windshield, unless that was burnt out or something. It definitely looks like the taillights are lit up the entire time though. Very weird. Unless the taillights are reflecting sunlight or something to make it look lit up on a camera

  34. Wish it was everywhere. Klutch ICC is still 55 around me

  35. MAGA Republicans are the problem. I will never be able to wrap my head around the crazy conspiracy theories they believe.

  36. I wish that were true. Most of my family blindly votes republican solely because of abortion and religion. Single issue voters and lazy voters are the problem too

  37. you won’t get this unless you have an iphone

  38. I think its only if you have a previously used Apple ID. I've never owned an iphone up until the past couple weeks but I had an iPad mini 2 like 6 years ago and I received this prompt when setting up my appleTV a few months ago.

  39. It does say iPhone or iPad. They probably check which mobile devices you have associated with the Apple ID and send the prompt accordingly. It wouldn’t make sense any other way.

  40. Right, I could have worded my comment better but I just meant it doesn't have to be an iphone

  41. I switched from a s22U to a regular 13 and use this phone the exact same way as my s22U

  42. I agree with everything you mentioned. Only thing I really miss from android is the ability to clear cache for each app.

  43. Just got a 13 pro after using android for most of my life. Maybe True Tone is the reason you don’t enjoy the screens color because I’m still figuring out if I like it on or not

  44. You can’t tell me you’re a big fan, guy choked at every opportunity

  45. Huge Andy fan for life. Obviously a great human being and he played good as he could. Just an average qb with above average flashes and a beautiful hairline

  46. If they don’t get another season after this one it’s a crime against TV!

  47. It really would be. The first two seasons were great in their own way but season 3 just took it to another level.

  48. They don't look like little pieces of shit

  49. He truly is the rock and roll president

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