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  1. Like the Chinese word for chat? 聊?

  2. Here in Hasselt it seems if you want pizza, kebab or sushi, Takeaway can do that.

  3. Hasn't Cleric always been primarily Leader, secondarily Defender or Striker?

  4. Ok heres a track record showing major differences. I’m so tired of both-sides! Neoliberals! Formatting sucks but it’s all there. Copied wholesale so all credit due to the link at the top. If you still want to preach and pretend both sides are the same you’re too far gone.

  5. For a line break, use 6 (or more) underscores _ and not 6 (or more) dashes - for reddit to format it correctly.

  6. I'd solve it by making Strength a separate modifier you can add to many things.

  7. Forever DM here, but I've got a character for when I got the chance to be a player.

  8. If everyone goes in expecting mysteries to be a bit ad hoc, that's fine, even in DnD. After all, who am I to tell other people how to have fun?

  9. That's the thing, right? You feel betrayed once you know the inner workings of the mystery, not when you solve the fake mystery itself.

  10. Eberron, Dark Sun and Lorwyn are three settings with remixed ideas. Though Eberron and Lorwyn focus more on remixed races.

  11. Why do folks put their body in danger for no reason. Fail to understand doing things for kick. One bad injury your life will be hell

  12. I had some fun creating random characters with the GiffyGlyph ruleset:

  13. Shepherd as possible multiclass alternative for summoning. Put down a bear totem at the start of the fight for sweet all-party hit temporary hit points (not scaling with Wisdom but with Druid level, so you can dump your primary stat).

  14. English: My car has a gender. "Ain't she a beauty?"

  15. You need two new lines to separate text into paragraphs. If you use a single new line, Reddit markup combines them into a single line.

  16. I give descriptions on the low side; basic info. And I ask my players what else they assume to be in the room. After that, I use what they give me to further the story. Shared worldbuilding and all that.

  17. Breath of the Wild forced players to switch up armor and weapons by making armor and weapons breakable.

  18. We take 10mg Rizatriptan, 1000mg of acetaminophen, and then sit in a hot shower in the dark until the water turns cold.

  19. Using two free hands, you can pull the rug from underneath an enemy with the intent of tripping them. This is different from the Shove action by not needing to be in melee with the enemy (as long as the rug is long enough to create some distance), and it differs from the rug now being in a different spot (most likely in your hands).

  20. But skills you need to perform this actions on your sheet.

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