Why does alcohol still taste like shit? I'm 21, the drinking age is 18 where I am. All my peers already drink. I find beer and wine disgusting and can barely tolerate the taste of vodka and lady drinks (as a dude.) When does it get better?

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  1. The fight between Naruto and Neji. I can remember everything. The anime episode came out on Toonami. I was mad I couldn't keep watching. Ironic now. So I started watching sub online. And then I reached Part 2 when it first came out. So I read the manga. And that started everything. Now over 10 years later I've watched almost 100 different anime and read just as much manga. All because I loved that fight.

  2. The game keeps crashing. What's the best way to fix this?

  3. Offer to organize for a fee. Win win

  4. Spent 2k. Got some good pulls no anni character ofc. Got 500 to spend on new banner. If I get one I'll be happy.

  5. I was homeless for a time and my McDonalds was so accommodating. They didnt judge or say anything. I still miss them now that I moved out of town and have a house now.

  6. Two summons. And stop. Man it's hard but it kills the craving.

  7. Got 2 Ichigo/White but he's now 5/5 with 1000 stamina. Had 26/28 so not mad.

  8. He's called the Shadow Hokage for a reason.

  9. Only reasonable option is that they want stronger pot units. Usually if someone comes in with a new pot character they're pretty week.

  10. He's never, ever failed me in any quest. Only problem is I use him if I'm stuck on a senk quest and regret not saving him.

  11. He's pretty old, maybe he met the previous holder of "that" devil fruit.

  12. Itll take 10 years to get live action dressrosa, harry would be perfect. Maybe even law

  13. Eventually the episodes are only 15 - 17 minutes long. 7 - 10 minutes are opening recap another opening and smaller recap, the story, then closing and preview.

  14. Together, we are the Spider. I'm its head, and you're the legs. The legs do what the head says. But there will be times when the legs are more important than the head. If I die, someone else will take over. My orders are of the utmost priority. My life is not. Be sure to make the right decision. I'm only a part of the Spider. What's important is the survival of the whole, not the individual

  15. It's crazy to think Hunter x Hunter started only about 9 months after One Piece started. Imagine if Togashi kept the same schedule, we could be close to 900 chapters by now. If the story continued smoothly that is. Sadly we can only dream.

  16. Dead. 4 Hokage, Itachi, and Deidara for fun.

  17. I've been playing a year and half and yes this is normal sadly. If its step 5 than yes it's a problem. Usually you get lucky and older characters can be resurrected.

  18. Phillis wedding speech definitely. The total lack of respect is astonishingly cringe to watch.

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