1. Ah I dont have a pelican. How does that write?

  2. Very different! The weight and size are nearly identical, which I like as I prefer small pens. It’s a medium nib, so very wet and smooth compared to the Sailor. I actually prefer the Sailor ever so slightly, and if I get another Pelikan, I’ll go for a fine nib, as they’re a very wet writer and sometimes for journaling, I find it too broad to write neatly.

  3. Sounds like my narwhal. Its wet, very smooth and writes a bit broad (its a medium I think). What size nib is yours?

  4. Please read and comply with Rule 6 before posting. Until you have done so your post has been deleted, subject to completion of the requirements detailed in Rule 6. Thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding.

  5. Terfs. The quintessential patriarchal sycophants who act like Trojan horses for conservatives by writhing their way into liberal women's spaces and acting as mouthpieces for misogyny and transphobia.

  6. The downvotes come from angry TERs guaranteed

  7. Thats exactly how I feel too. The downvotes from TERrorists are a good victory bonus.

  8. People just leave their avatars on poseballs. Others can join, take screenshots etc to make porn.

  9. They're just mad that those scientists achieved more than they ever will so they have to shit all over their accomplishments lol

  10. I love De Atramamentis, I use Document Ink too in Brown.

  11. Ah I've even using archive, red black and black. I've not had any problem with clogging so far and I flush my pens every few months.

  12. Yeah I'm using the archive ink too. Same range as yours. I wanted Sepia originally but it was out of stock so I settled for brown tbh.

  13. Sailor PGS in Fine. Haruzora, Spring sky

  14. I've received a letter from the HPRA, is there anyway of getting my meds released or are they going to be destroyed?

  15. You can write to them or call them, try to explain the situation.

  16. Memory. I have a pen that needs to be flushed every three days due to the ink inside it.

  17. I'll keep looking for something I can enjoy. In the meantime, thank you for responding :)

  18. If you don't like the music you don't like the music thats all. You don't have to force yourself to trawl through nusic you don't enjoy just so you can claim a label. Lifes too short to force yourself to like something so you can be part of a group.

  19. Man this really hit home. Life IS important. But there goes the drawing of the line: where is life a life. We will mourn those on both sides but which will we mourn MORE. That’s not an easy question. I’m not saying it is (although I know which side I’m on). But man this debate hurts me to even think about for both sides and all the examples of people hurt by this.

  20. No problem. Hope it helps you improve.

  21. Exist outside of me fucking her.

  22. Its tiring for sure. I'm not going to tell you you'll be alone forever or to find Godtm but

  23. Its been bad. I'm a person of colour, been here since I was 5, I've lived in Cork, Athlone and Dublin mostly. My wife also moved here to be with me (she's half french/half german and she's white). She's only had care in Dublin. (Also trans). I'm nonbinary and currently in the closet while working out top surgery details.

  24. So like what you want a fuckbuddy? Or a relationship?

  25. /uj I'm not a woman but misogyny affects me too. I share your frustration with those people and I'm sorry a creep took photos of you.

  26. how did your consult go i have one with him in september and im not binary leading to trans neutral can you maybe let me know what you discussed with him options wise and how it went

  27. no probs you just said you were trans neutral and I identify with that concept being nonbinary. I haven't seen many people go to dr lago who arent trans men just wondered what your experience was like did you show him photos ect of what you wanted or just discuss options?

  28. Just discussed options. He has operated on non binary people before.

  29. I'm kind of curious, why did you post this here? I don't think I've gotten an opportunity to speak with an ex incel before.

  30. Ar 56 Ayaka, yae miko, itto, diluc, c1qiqi, keqing, skyward blade, skyward pride. very high explorations!! no dead links, birthday set. really good artifacts pity: 23 not quaranteed strictly ngf

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