1. Just play a regular account DIY. All the "fun" of IM with none of the hassle.

  2. Can’t you technically make a GIM and just do solo IM things?

  3. You should literally never take dragon before first base. Your first base will almost always happen before dragon even spawns, except for the most extreme situations.

  4. Definitely agree! Recalling for items is important

  5. If you lanes are gankable, it usually means that your laners dont have prio.

  6. So 6 camp + killing scuttle drag you get less than a minute before drag. So you can kill gromp or gank one of the lanes then ward around dragon to prep.

  7. I had moon face until I was completely off of prednisone. Plus I had lost some weight due to lack of appetite from losing the prednisone side effects.

  8. The percentage is like 5% of getting it as a task. I spent almost 1,000 points skipping just to get the task once I hit 95 lol

  9. Two words for you. Kraken Slayer.

  10. AirPods are a must when working.

  11. I wanna stop using my AirPod pros cause they barely last 4 hours anymore but haven’t found one with decent bass to treble, all my coworkers are just super treble heavy and that’s not good

  12. 4 hours? Just use one at a time while one charges in the case.

  13. I’m selling a 1992 hatch here in Los Angeles for $5,000!

  14. If you’re getting into drifting, if you’re really on a budget then racelands. They aren’t the best (although no recommended), but does the job. If you’re serious about your build, Megan’s are a step up. The more you spend, the longer they last. Just depends how hard you go.

  15. Check Carmax out of state! They sell ST3’s but you might be overpaying. Cheap ST3’s here in Cali dealers sell for $18k-$20k and that’s with almost 100,000 miles

  16. 80% chance a random girl will walk pass you and will either compliment you or act “loss” to keep her company. Just smile and hold onto your wallet lol

  17. Monetize from YouTube, endorsements, TikTok, selling maybe your own merch like mouse pads or t shirts. Make highlight videos of your gameplay, be enthusiastic and different from the crowd than just casual gameplay and be consistent on the content!

  18. any tips on how i could actually start my own t-shirt merch? and i love those ideas i will make sure to try some of them

  19. You can start by drawing out your own designs like your Stream name with a cool graphic design. You can then use online print on demand t shirts where you will only make a couple dollars profit but the online t shirt company will do all the work for you. Do some research!

  20. I’m currently in this situation as the dude explained in your story. You have every right to feel this way to break up. He sounds optimistic and that is a huge step to improving his life. I’m in a almost 3 year relationship but as of the past few months, my gf has been on my ass about not working as much and I would say due to grieving the loss of my grandmother and falling back into video game addiction. You will have your ups and downs. But in your case this is still an early relationship where you can call things off. Go with your gut feeling and act quick!

  21. For some reason coffee hurts and makes me shit like crazy, but energy drinks surprisingly don't. I still love coffee and drink it regularly though.

  22. wait until you try the Yerba Mate drinks

  23. Even if it’s just an inch inside, get sedated. I’m still haunted by how it felt. Had to cut the sigmoidoscopy short and went back for a full Colonoscopy sedated. Just get knocked out!

  24. If this helps, I bought my 2016 ST3 in 2020 for $21K at 55k miles. My monthly is $300 and is absolutely worth it imo

  25. You got to be joking lol get something more spacious. Sure, you can put down the rear seats to lay in the back. But an ST needs to be well maintained and can be costly.

  26. Brings me back to when I did paintball photography for UPL. Dope footage!

  27. Having UC is about keeping it under control. At this point, you should already know the foods that mess you up. For example I know cheese doesn’t sit well with me so I try to avoid it. It’s all about keeping track on what you can and cannot eat.

  28. x-No says:

    Thank you for the advice! Just to clarify, you mean TO exercise, and to take vitamins, not avoid them?

  29. Hey now you know what I mean lmao yes in other words it’s time to stay fit and eat healthier-ish

  30. Currently working during a flare. It sucks but my boss I work with also has UC so he understands when I miss out or have to be in the restroom. Grateful I can work remotely too. It’s not fun working during a flare because you may miss several days.

  31. Currently dealing with this now. I’m still seeking answers too but it’s important we take vitamins, tons of water, and exercise.

  32. The weight gain is because of the dangerously increase of appetite. You can finish your dinner and want another full course meal/snacks right after lol

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