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  1. this once in a lifetime opportunity wouldn't be here if the system was put together correctly

  2. i got the same note....despite never posting about gme over there

  3. naked shorting is illegal to begin with. if they were following the rules, this opportunity wouldn't exist.

  4. amazon to invest 1b a year for movies in cinemas. sounds pretty bullish!

  5. i think we need som chad money to help us figure out what this means. stonks go up?

  6. DJT will see that his wealth goes to help Americans instead of running up the score.

  7. you guys didn't wake up to trade at 4am again?

  8. it's been shorted into oblivion to keep the existing amc shorts above water with what they owe in monetary terms regarding the ape dividends. remember...amc shorts are on the hook to deliver an ape share at some point. because of the complexity of the rules, nobody really knows when the dominos start to fall but it is only a matter of time

  9. Thanks for an actual reply. I follow often ( more out of numb curiosity at this point, lol ) but haven't quite seen this sort of movement ( the flatness AND both being opposites ).

  10. it's crazy to me but the formulas just take into account current a short seller that owes 20 million shares of ape currently can mark that as a 25 millionish liability and stay above water a little longer.

  11. Not sure this logic holds. Enemy of Ds are Rs and I don't think either are my friend.

  12. in kahoots with the government. they have to know CPI numbers ahead of time to set all this up

  13. i'm watching 3K on spx very closely

  14. something's gonna happen with APE too. they can't just conjure up 10 million APE whenever they want forever....

  15. I appreciate the effort but this doesn’t sound like a significant revenue stream. Let’s just be honest

  16. corporate meetings are the target with this play. it at least has potential given the explosion of remote/regional workers that corporate HQ will want to be brought into certain meetings. it also costs AMC near to nothing to add this revenue stream. let's see what happens

  17. don't sell from CS. keep a few in a broker. after moass, the system will get fixed so DRS is much easier

  18. nah, it's not. people just aren't buying otm puts because they know the bottom's in.

  19. did you look at yesterday's daily candle?

  20. yeah, did you look at the two on 10/13 and 10/21?

  21. sometimes but not in this market....we're too close to that fomc bad news to take bullish play

  22. It's not about the rate , it's about the outlook. .75 is already priced in. Wait for the press conference , don't trust any of this quite yet.

  23. I read it and it leaves everything open. They could raise more than anticipated too

  24. It’s going to get a raise again. Home and auto loans are currently expensive.

  25. if the early 80s are an example...could be double digits by end of next year

  26. they just want to prop up nasdaq another day to make margin

  27. shorts never closed plus unstoppable DRS train

  28. all three will be part of the awakening

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