AITA for not wanting to go to my brother's wedding because my stepson isn't invited?

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

Are you being serious right now?

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  1. I like them, I would put them on matching glass bottles.

  2. YTA. The wedding is childfree. They are not excluding just your stepson, no children are allowed

  3. Here in my state, the law mandates 10mg per piece, 100mg per package, so 10 10mg gummies per pack.

  4. It’s like that in my state too. I think 110mg is the limit on edibles. Wacky laws.

  5. Vape at lower temps and use a lower THC strain for a while. Cutting your bowl with CBD or CBG is also another option.

  6. Thank you! I’ll pick up a low-thc cart when I pick up the tincture.

  7. I'd go with a ratio-ed vape cart, something like 5:1 or 2:1::CBD:THC. That will let you get the pain management effects of the CBD without getting to ripped on the THC.

  8. I think I’m going to pick up a tincture as well. Especially now that I know what it feels to be to sick to vape.

  9. I always greed, but I don’t currently have a specific need for them. If someone said “hey, I need one of these for something, can I need?” I would tell them to go for it. But yeah, you might have to wait and see if someone needs, then also need.

  10. I’m so sorry for your loss. Cats are some of the best companions there are.

  11. I’ve got a couple Yocan Uni that I love! Good for cart protection, as the cart is housed inside the device. Variable voltage, one button, fits multiple sizes of carts. There is also the Yocan Uni Pro, which I’ve heard awesome things about.

  12. My wife threatened to steal mine, as it has a Disney+ button, and the downstairs TV does not.

  13. Particularly those in nature!

  14. I run into this with Northern Spice from the cooking daily bag.

  15. I swear nearly all my guildies were high in Naxx on Tuesday.

  16. Does it hide the vapor, too? Or just the smell?

  17. I use ziploc-style bags, Velcro one wraps, and a label printer.

  18. I can’t say for sure about Rhythm, but I’ve had a bunch of Klutch Full-Spectrum that look like this. Happy medicating!

  19. This looks like when I got shingles.

  20. Fatto catto needs a patto! I love them all 🥰

  21. 43 here. Not technically a millennial, but on the cusp. Still waiting to be “cold and lonely”. My days are so terrible, just filled with…whatever I want to do at a moments notice. Movies, dinners, trips to the science center. The zoo, video games, coffee with the cats on the back porch. Spent some time at a tea house this past weekend eating scones with a friend.

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