1. I'm sorry to say. women soccer is extremely boring to watch. It's like watching soccer in slow motion.

  2. haha I'm luckier than you! my computer restarted itself on my drive home from delivery center! and my camera calibration didn't finish until i reset it once.

  3. This is a map project I've been working on for Project Zomboid. It's a somewhat accurate re-creation of Prince Edward Island in Canada.

  4. Ain't no fucking way, did not expect my province in project zomboid lol. Awesome.

  5. I love PEI! my mom lives in Stratford! And my online RP character is from PEI too hahaha

  6. Everyone's expectations of life and expectations of success is different, it also changes all the time.

  7. I apologize for this not being a ghost story, just an end-of-life story. I hope it's ok to share. After not speaking to her for the previous two years, I drove three hours to my physically and mentally abusive dying mother's hospital bedside when my younger brother, Ronnie, called. I didn't do it for her sake, but because my brother was in so much sorrow and pain. Our other four siblings had also stopped communicating with mom.

  8. It’s a popular spot for local ghost hunters. They report tons of stuff, similar to my experiences. It shut down 10 years ago and I’ve since held a data job at a different hospital. Luckily my new one isn’t haunted.

  9. do all hospitals build up in ghosts and spirits and eventually gets so haunted that demons swing by?

  10. I remember in 2011 when we signed a very promising young centre back from Blackburn. Having just been old enough to get into football at that time and coming from a family who has always supported United since the Newton Heath days, I was instantly in awe of Jones. He was strong, tall, athletic, good in the air and strong in the tackle. He was destined to take the baton from Ferdinand when he retired. Unfortunately he turned out to be very injury prone. He’s not really had much of a career since his first few seasons with us, and I believe that’s entirely down to the injures. He’s always been a good defender, just been let down by his body and been very unlucky. Do I think he’d be on the level of Dias and Van Dijk et al? No.. but I believe he would be a very solid defender if it wasn’t for all the injuries. Much like Chris Smalling, who’s been more fortunate with his fitness and is being completely overlooked by most people despite his good performances in Serie A. It’s sad to see what’s happened to Jones but enough is enough and he has to go. I think he can somewhat salvage his career if he goes to a team like Everton, Southampton or back to Blackburn to get them promoted.

  11. no bro. his knees are fucked beyond repair. he probably won't be playing again.

  12. Thing is, whether his injuries were caused by playing/training for United or not, he got them while under contract at one of the top football clubs in the world. That is the best place to be to get treatment (if it's possible to treat the injury) to help recovery for quality of life even if he can't ever play again. If we sack him, he will have a massive downgrade in treatment options, effectively telling him that he now offers us nothing so we don't care and he can fuck off. We're not the cracker factory in The Simpsons (Milhouse Dad: "So that's it? After 20 years so long and good luck?" Manager: "I don't recall saying good luck"), we are a club that values our players. If we sacked him, I doubt we could treat him because it would come with all kinds of insurance liabilities. I'd rather the club paid him in full for the duration of his contract, than fucked him out to live the rest of his life in pain just to save a million or two quid.

  13. guy literally destroyed his knee for the club and these jokers are calling Jones names.

  14. lets do it. bring back the walkman and backstreet boys too.

  15. I can't believe y'all are nitpicking so hard about the "exciting" part. For gods sake they came out with the IS 500 recently, in a time where V8 sedans are basically an endangered species. Amongst the more economy minded brands they’re certainly extremely near the top.

  16. The same lexus that had cassette radios until 2018?

  17. I didnt know cassette radios made a car less sporty? Is it because of the weight or the high center of gravity?

  18. I duno shit about Linux, but I know how to google and 90% of the time I can follow the instructions.

  19. Keep track of employee sick days. Talk to employee and see what's up and set expectations. If answer and future performance is still not satisfactory. Hire new employee and make original employee less important with less important shifts.

  20. Does speed matter to you? LR is noticeably faster VS the current RWD.

  21. similar build! i have the box that's one step cheaper. forgot the name.

  22. One of The most popular bought cars in America, the dodge challenger RT of both trims are selling on average 55k for the RT and 65k for the RT Scat Pack. Both 10-15k over MSRP and for whatever reason dealerships can’t keep them in stock

  23. I still dont understand what a Scat pack is without thinking it's a bag of poop.

  24. Don't own a Tesla. If the driver had pressed the gas pedal, would the car have immediately accelerated?

  25. just to be a bitchy Redditor lol. China new car sales is comprised of a high % of EV nowadays.

  26. i hate new queen Street so much and it's coming from a Torontonian! but this is seconds place far behind my hatred for Collesium.

  27. move the front logo up to the bumper. might look cool!

  28. basic autopilot is free and is enough for most people.

  29. Stratford, PEI. My mom lives there and I love the place. Everyone are very nice there whenever I visit.

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