1. Sure, but that's not necessarily a bad thing as long as you have some social skills.

  2. I have that sort of mindset too, work sometimes can't become a casual enough atmosphere that you'll want to be social in

  3. I try to be cordial and jump in conversations but it's really not worth it. If you're at the bottom of the totem pole don't let them make you feel like it.

  4. I was raised in there, and most of the people my age I used to know there are either having serious mental health problems or have committed suicide. I've been on therapy for three years now thanks to them. Fucking sect.

  5. There was a Jehovah's witness sect right outside of the high school in our small town. I swear it's like they go somewhere else because you never see them anywhere outside of the church.

  6. The reason you don't see them outside of church and preaching is because they aren't allowed to go to most gatherings or events. The ones who go to concerts are explicitly breaking the rules, the ones who go to games? Breaking the rules. Going to a school event? Breaking the rules. Going to a friend's church? Hahaha, no. There's a firm rule about only associating with other witnesses and about not partaking in the "idolatry" of sports or music. Celebrities are also a no go, no "fans" because that means "fanatic" and "we only want to be fanatic about god."

  7. Yeah I could tell it was a serious and committed life for them. It's just strange because they were like aliens to the rest of us. Everybody here looks the same mostly white people and a few minorities, but you could spot the JW just by the way they looked and dressed.

  8. Last time I had meigs the buds were huge and looked great but they were so dry. Is that still a problem or gone with the new containers?

  9. I don't like the containers the half oz come in so I repackaged them but the bud was nice and fresh.

  10. Are they still using the ones you squeeze to pop open? Love that they’re using easy to open containers but I don’t think they’re sealed properly

  11. Yeah I could smell through the package. Just those black plastic tubs. The bud was fresh with a boveda I just repacked my half in glass jars.

  12. thats a crazy amount of power to have.

  13. Its scary is what it is. You could have an honest by the book judge one day and the next have a lady with a chip on her shoulder and a bad day.

  14. it’s a psychological thing , still pretty gay tho but definitely a form of psychological warfare

  15. It's weird. This kinda shit happens in prison how this became the culture idk.

  16. In the following post he said sum like “How I’m gay if the opps pay to get the same shit done to me haha beat you to it” 🤦🏾‍♂️

  17. This shit sound like what every kid need to hear about jail. Unless you want 🥷's spittin in yo ass.

  18. Yeah those bleeding hearts soon realized guns aren't going anywhere in this version of the USA. Better to be armed and angry than helpless and angry.

  19. Thats how I feel about when people come to see the Falls. They drive all slow on the Rainbow bridge when I'm trying to cross because you can see it really well from the bridge. I get pissed and whip past them. Ive seen it my entire life. It's not interesting like that to me anymore.

  20. Ik what you mean used to live in Virginia Beach and the HRBT (underwater tunnel) just became a pain in the ass after I settled.

  21. Tbf mad outside niggas think NYC is Manhattan and Manhattan alone.

  22. Lotta people don't think outside their own little bubble. Been to NYC once would love to go back. Went with the school so we only saw the tourist traps and shit.

  23. The timeline is healing. The dimensional merge was too powerful.

  24. Ahh, the classic do a front flip.

  25. study in a field you are already proficient at, get degrees, get certs, but still can't find a job because that field has either been completely automated or outsourced.

  26. Yeah but unfortunately sometimes money still doesn't stop you from dealing with stupid people in your career.

  27. I love seeing side by side progress pictures like that so you can really see how fast some plants can grow.

  28. Would love to grow cannabis I love doing my garden in the summer. It's great to watch them take off after flowering.

  29. To be fair i don't like the newer Disney movies either. Not bc the have gay characters or anything. They just fricking suck. Some one should tell Disney how to properly represent minorities without having the most dogshit movies because it really gives "representation" a bad name.

  30. TV/Film in general have plummeted in quality.

  31. Whatever your email you use to log into the state website. Mine was pretty quick then I just had to wait for my old script to expire.

  32. No idea I never get to try Klutch anyway but it looks decent.

  33. I’d read that shit but u already know how it is people would feel a type a way gangsters don’t write books usually unless they cooperate Homies from the set ain’t gunna be feeling that. Even tho he already talked too much on songs makes no sense but you can’t be on the team writing a book your a liability.

  34. Gangstas could be writing books and making money off their story and life if they weren't hung up about looking corporate.

  35. Honestly though an active healing skill would kind of be cool. Maybe just mix it in with prayer. Support roles are fun and good for everybody.

  36. This place is generally like recess for the special needs kids anyway. Keep your head down soldier.

  37. Alcohol ruined the majority of the country. Should be in an even more precarious situation post war whenever that is.

  38. Neat, Galenas has really great stuff.

  39. I've had products from both FRX and Galenas, they really are good quality. They're proud of their living soil it's used in their branding a lot.

  40. It was at FRX in East Liverpool. Nothing there currently.

  41. Well damn. Of course it was on the complete opposite side of the state lmao thank you though!

  42. Haha you're welcome good luck in the hunt.

  43. For one I just turned 23 nigga so smd. Don’t nobody give a fuck about 25 cents nigga, it’s the point that if you gon take up the price of something due to inflation or whatever ya reason is then either make that shit more than a quarter or don’t do it at all because that shit don’t make sense. You sound like a bum that wants attention. It’s 2023. Emd and get a life bum.

  44. My kindred spirit. I don't have gold coins but I do have an excessive caffeine habit.

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